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10.9 / On Board the Craft / BROMSGROVE
17.9 / Saltaire Festival / BRADFORD
7.10 / Official Cornwall Rocks Festival (Solid Entertainments)
8.10 / Rockmantic Weekender / BLACKPOOL
14.10 / Trillians Newcastle
21.10 / DreadnoughtRock Bathgate

Hi Syterians! New music out now!


You were such a FANTASTIC crowd Wolverhampton!!! this week we’re off to Trillians #Newcastle (Thu 26) Real Time Live #Chesterfield (Fri 27) The Black Prince #Northampton (Sat 28) Percy’s Cafe Bar #Whitchurch (Sun 29) and The Dick Whittington #Gloucester (Mon 30) see you there!
: Nisha Revill



Another great review for the Reflection album, this one from Alternative Fruit by Rowan B.Colver
Syteria ‘Reflection’
Sheffield hard-rock outfit Syteria have their latest album in review today for Alternative Fruit. This four-piece mixing pot of local talent have been playing the rock circuit at home and away for years. This second album cements their work in the annals of rock n roll fame even further. Their reputation for energetic and raucous live performances and a virtuoso attitude to proficiency means that fans all over the world can’t get enough of Syteria.
The album opens with Make Some Noise. It’s a classic already, as fast blues licks radiate groove to a smashing drum rhythm. Girl-power lyrics begin, talented rock females always look and sound amazing. The chorus drills the audience with the excitement of upbeat and melodic heavy metal. A message of standing up to dodgy politicians and corporations is knitted through the otherwise light-hearted romp.
Next, a spoken word sample breaks a short silence. Palm muted riffs coil while delicately sung words spiral in the updraught. Extra notes are filled in, the music swells and with a punch and a cinematic frill, the song progresses into another hard-hitting number. A melodic prettiness is felt in the verses, and the chorus rises up to take responsibility for everything to come. Goodbye World is about moving on.
Then, a flashy blues melody throws a fast-pace that kicks all the fences down. Another ruckus of drumming and bass accompany the pentatonic flow into white-water rapids and breezy mid-sections. Album title track Reflection carries a punk energy that sits on the same shelf as the mighty Motorhead.
Asylum starts, a melodic run of bouncing scale leaps from side to side and powerful snare and cymbal pound over thumping bass. The sleek guitar bubbles along with precise motions of fretboard mastery as a madness is created in the frothing percussion, chords, and vocal line. More story-like lines empower and inspire as the music breaks open for a solo. Back to the chorus, bending notes and harmonised words give a crazy edge.
Next, a cool riff spans out. Paced lyrics with rhyming words walk out of the door with a sauntering step. This evolves into a swagger as the rhythm intensifies and the lyrics enter double time. A new section of melodic vocals with compressed guitar notes crunching in the distance brings us to the sense of the track. Gossips is about being the one everyone seems to be talking about but never to. It comes with the territory of being a rock star. Not that I’d know.
Sorry begins with a new message, it accepts that sometimes friends are real and the things they talk about are important. We can always tell when something’s true, it often hurts. We can get emotional about it if we want to, but the best thing to do is just take it on board and carry on. As If! It begins with a striking line and a punchy riff. You Wish! Let’s go, this upbeat and classy number drips with nerve and confidence.
Drums begin the following track. Bubbling guitar phrases run across the rocky path laid bare, before lyrics add their feeling and story. A continuation of the upbeat and lively energy projects with the music, Back Off let’s us know that this band can stand their ground on any stage, with any crowd. We’re then graced with a pure vocal harmony. A clear strain of pure talent runs through s the chunky guitar and drums rev up once more. Electrifying chops and ferocious shreds sizzle in the heat of the drums. Moving Forward is full of energy and I’ll go where ever it wants me to.
A cool and catchy vocal begins for I Want It All. The uplifting sensations rise on waves of guitar and drum. The music shifts into the next gear as the chorus breaks it open. Vocal harmonies layer with thrashy guitars and slapping drums. Memorable lines repeat with intersecting poetry which pours in easy going sections. Plastic Fantastic pulls the kite string and swoops over to perform neat acrobatics in a rock n roll sky. Loop the loops and nose dives thrill and spill the vibes in every possible direction.
The album finishes on Guilty. The music delivers exactly what we want from this band. Huge vocal-lines with repeating words make sure we can all join in. A persistent fire rages across each chapter of this full-length heavy metal album, massive tracks with a synonymous vibe stitch this album from sleeve to sleeve. I wonder if they do a T-shirt?
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As days go, today wasn’t the best…car broke down had to be towed blah blah blah and then 6 hours later and £120 lighter in the pocket got home, ate and finally had some good news….2 more gigs for Syteria to promote the new album Reflection:) If you want to hear a song from that album click the link below.


As days go, today wasn’t the best…car broke down had to be towed blah blah blah and then 6 hours later and £220 lighter in the pocket got home, ate and finall

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2020 is getting very exciting for Syteria now…Jan 24th ‘Make Some Noise’ Single and Video will be released, Mid Feb will be the 2nd single and video release and finally Feb 21st the Reflection album is released worldwide which you can pre order from the link below.

March 5th we begin the tour, kicking off with the album launch party at Trillians in Newcastle!

Before all of that I have a UK tour with Girlschool… and Syteria appearing at the ‘The Rockmantic’ festival in Carlisle on Feb 8th, right in the middle, 2 gigs, 2 bands, same day …bring it on! 🙂 X

— avec Julia Vocal et 2 autres personnes.


Only 7 days to go for you to pick up some exclusive items on the Kickstarter campaign and remember if you pledge pn there now you will get the album 3 months or more before it goes on sale to the world 
New Album, New CD, New everything oh and some old pants and stuff…/the-new-syteria-album-reflect…

We are playing Camden Rocks Festival!!! Sunday 2nd of June – 10:45pm – @The Dublin Castle!!  Be there or be square #camdenrocks#syteria #camdenrock #rockandroll #dublincastle

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of you who have pledged on our KICKSTARTER campaign. I know it’s ben a little more challenging to work out how to do it, much more complicated than Pledge so thanks for persevering.
To anyone who hasn’t yet worked out how to or hasn’t had time to…we still have many more exclusives on there so take a look and get the album before it’s released worldwide 

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6pm (gmt) SYTERIA launch the Kickstarter Campaign. Get in quickly to get the exclusive deals.
Jax X

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Hey all

A quick update on the KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN. It was due to launch today but being a project where you don’t get to speak to a single human being and are constantly filling out various forms we are now waiting to have our identity confirmed…yep! so the 3 working days is now about 5, so let’s hope the computer gets back to work after the weekend 
It should all be live VERY soon but meanwhile here is the almost finished front cover to the album REFLECTION!


Art work by Richie Stone

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jackie chambers

The video for my side project band SYTERIA called Santa’s Harley will be released on youtube tomorrow at 6pm (GMT UK time) but people who have already pledged can watch it NOW as an exclusive and as a thank you from us. For those who still want to pledge there are just 7 days to do so! Please check out our pledge page! Some GREAT exclusives still available! All pledgers get the download of the song on release date 9th December!


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