directed by the brilliant David Bertram, featuring a stunning performance by Sebastien Gueroult & Violette Bousquet 😍 Infinite love to Jean-Marc Bevan, Matthieu Notin, Clemence Herault, Florence Solal and Aurelien Viot at

Empty Streets Records
« a moving introduction, with its fragrant, flecked beauty matching a taut lyric. So expressive, and quietly redolent of his inner-most feelings, ‘Song For Elsa’ has a subtle redemptive quality. David steers the video, and its powerful dynamic is a richly deserved reflection of WASSAILER’s aesthetic » Robin Murray,

Clash Magazine
“242” (String Quartet version, arranged by


) x LBTV!

taken from my forthcoming album “i, the bastard”, OUT next week on

Empty Streets Records

. Big love to

Bureau Cadence


La Bouclette TV

for this amazing live session at

Ground Control

, feat. Camille Borsarello, Emelyne Chirol, Rafael Cumont Vioque and the one and only

Lison Favard

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