– New Dangerously Close Video Release: Meet The Executive Producers
– Music Videos “Holy Love (LIVE)” & “Trace Your Tattoo (LIVE)”
Dangerously Close Video: Meet The Executive Producers
Click to watch the all-new Dangerously Close: Meet The Executive Producers video
Video Blog February 2014 CLICK PLAY TO WATCH
March 14, 2014

Good Evening, Planet Earth!

Last November I sat down and had a chat with Tony Brannon and Michael Freisenbruch – the 2 Executive Producers who worked with me to get my latest album “Dangerously Close” born. (you remember my album I released last May, right?)

We filmed it in the lobby of Michael’s offices in downtown Hamilton, Bermuda on a Saturday afternoon. It was a rare moment to get these 3 busy bodies all in a room together for an hour, but it happened and I’m happy with the interview that I managed to capture and share with you. Take a watch, lots of fun things to learn about:

WATCH Dangerously Close: Meet The Executive Producers

Last month I had a successful 5 city tour in Toronto, Oakville, Philadelphia, New York & Dover, NH. It was so great meeting the rock n’ roll faithful at these shows and the experiences I learned will go a long way towards me successfully planning my next series of international performances. I’ve included a link to all the pics in the Tour Album here:


And finally, next Thursday I will be officially launching all the details for my Will Black OPS: Escape to Bermuda / Canada Day Beach Party happening June 27 – July 1. It’s going to be 5 days of music, sunshine and beach fun here in Bermuda for my fans to enjoy with me. I’ll be sending out a special event email next week.

Music Video Weekly includes live performances of “Holy Love” (with Jenn Taylor)and “Trace Your Tattoo”.

Rock on,

WATCH "Holy Love"
Holy Love – Will Black with Jenn Taylor (Live at The Central, Toronto Nov. 14, 2013)
Click HERE to watch.This was the first night of my first original tour… ever. I had literally just got off the plane in Toronto and got to the venue and started the show – nerves were flying aplenty!

WATCH "Trace Your Tattoo"
Trace Your Tattoo – Will Black (Live at Greenfield’s, Ottawa Nov. 15, 2013)Click HERE to watch.

This was from the 2nd show of my small Canadian Tour in Ottawa last November and only my 2nd show ever in the Capital region.
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