– “300: Rise Of The Will Black OPS” Fan Thank You Video
300: Rise Of The Will Black OPS (CLICK TO WATCH)
Howdy folks,How is your week going so far? (reply back and let me know – I’d love to hear from you).

Yesterday afternoon my Facebook Fan Group “The Will Black OPS” passed 300 members in strength and Afsha “Queen” Bee jokingly suggested that I create a “300” themed video in thanks to all the fans who got me there… well 8 hours later it was complete and posted late last night on YouTube and Facebook for the everyone to see and experience. Wowzers!

You can watch it for yourself right here “300: Rise Of The Will Black OPS”.

A big shout out to Afsha for helping me get everyone’s pics together for this video feature and cheers to Gerard Longo, producer of the Quinn Spinn podcast for officially being our 300th member!

I hope you enjoy watching this video as much I enjoyed putting it together. Your support has been incredible – this video is a small token of my gratitude.

Enjoy your weekend!

Rock on,


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