World Animal Protection - Enews - July 2014

ENEWS – July 2014

Mobile Vet Clinic Opens in Romania

Our work with animals starts with people. Dogs form an important part of rural communities and World Animal Protection will do whatever is necessary to protect them from inhumane culls. Your support means that we can move our work to end inhumane culling beyond Sri Lanka, Latina America, Bali, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Indonesia, and into new countries like Africa and China. Recently, your contribution helped sponsor a mobile vet clinic run by our local partners, Save the Dogs in Romania. Your donations will help us continue to stop the needless suffering of millions of dogs worldwide.

Thousands of people and millions of dogs die every year because of rabies, a 100% preventable disease. Because of you, we’re closer to savings the lives of dogs everywhere and creating healthier communities for everyone.

A local man and kiosk owner stop to pet a couple of stray do

2013 Image Josey 2

Josey Kitson signature
Josey Kitson
Executive Director
World Animal Protection Canada

Image credits:
Right, middle: World Animal Protection/gravedangerphotography
Right, bottom: World Animal Protection/Nacho Hernandez

It's so rewarding

It’s so rewarding

You can protect more animals with every purchase you make. Learn more.

Make a real life change

Make a real life change

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Did you catch our Town Hall?

Did you catch our Town Hall?

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