Cuban Style the New Single from Silver Skies – Airborne – 25th Anniversary

Going for Radio Adds – New Single – Airborne – Cuban Style – Time – 4:09

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Excellent Compositions, Musicianship and Arrangements

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Airborne - Cuban Style - Contemporary Jazz - Latin Jazz - World Music - Video
Airborne – Cuban Style – Contemporary Jazz –
Latin Jazz – World Music – Music Video

Cuban Style – Afro-Cuban and Funk Rhythms – Contemporary Jazz – World Music

 Jump Onboard the Magical Airborne Voyage into the Silver Skies

New Single – Silver Skies – Airborne – 25th Anniversary – Press Release

Airborne has just released a unique new single Cuban Style a contemporary jazz and world music composition embed with Afro-Cuban and funk rhythms. It is the 3rd Single from the
very musical and radio friendly Silver Skies – Airborne – 25th Anniversary CD

The Silver Skies project with 12 new compositions is a testimonial to the wisdom, endurance, determination, spirit, and extraordinary talents of the contemporary jazz group Airborne

The signature jazz sound of Airborne was nurtured in the communities of Art and Music that flourished in the streets of the multicultural city of New Haven CT USA, where the band was born.

The formation of Airborne was in the early 1980s by Thomas Sansone, Thomas Borino, and Greg Borino and then in 1988 they embarked on their amazing jazz recording career to achieve
Award Winning and Chart Topping CDs

25 years later, “Silver Skies” includes unique compositions that take you on a musical journey filled with various jazz styles, along with influences the band has experienced and treasured.

The vibrant arrangements fire the hot music, while the techniques of the musicians awake an addictive “feel-good” theme with hot rhythms smoothly cruising on a cool sea of music and voices.

Even after many years of performing, 15 CDs recorded, soundtracks edited, writing and producing for themselves and other artists there is still Silver Skies shinning the deep love the band has for their life of music with Worldwide Airplay and International Acclaim

This Airborne trademark sound of island passion and urban emotion celebrates joyful jazz with a message. Airborne is the musical peacemakers of contemporary jazz.

Jump Onboard the Airborne Experience and Enjoy the Voyage into the Silver Skies.

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 Jump Onboard the Magical Airborne Voyage into the Silver Skies


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