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Al Stone

Blues / Blues Rock / Roots Rock Sounds Like:
Blues, Blues Rock


Record Label:
Self Release Al Stone Music


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Walkin Cane
Genre: Blues
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Drunk Again
Genre: Blues
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Dont Try Da Change Me
Genre: Roots Rock
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Blind Dog
Genre: Blues
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Genre: Funk
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AL STONE, Born in Chicago 1954, has toured the Blues circuit, for over 25 years. Al Stone, Has been inducted into, the Historic,Blues Hall of Fame, [ listed under Great Blues Artists and Ambassador to Jacksonville, FL.] AL STONE, and THE STONE ROAD BAND, performs original blues, blues rock, and funk. Staying true to tradition, Al brings those classic styles together by blending genres, with a fresh new approach. Al Stone, is known for his intimate exchange of energy that builds between himself, his band, and his listening audiences.”Quote From; D.J., Terry Knott a syndicated radio Show “Al Stone to me, is a man that embodies the very essence of Blues & Blues/Rock Holding on to it’s traditional values set by the likes of Cream, The Jeff Beck Group who spun The Blues in to the world wide phenomenon that it is today. Al is true to the values and quality and if that wasn’t enough. Al …. Read More
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