Hi there,
There’s a lot of excitement surrounding the release of Chick’s new album Solo Piano: Portraits… ( watch Part 1: The launch video here if you haven’t seen it).
Wow – this review says it all:

“Although the stylistic range is vast, each track bears the hallmark of Corea’s precise articulation, firm touch and vivid imagination.

Add in Corea’s relaxed, spoken-word introductions and this lovely collection of compositions and sketches adds up to a portrait of Corea himself.” **** Financial Times (UK)

Over the next week we’ll be showing you 5 more spoken-word excerpts from the album … Enjoy!
In this second excerpt Chick talks about his history with Stevie Wonder, and what Stevie told him—plus, hear Chick’s gorgeous solo interpretation of Stevie’s “Pastime Paradise.”
Stevie Wonder + Chick Video [please load images]
Pick up your own copy of Portraits in the limited-edition Artistry of Chick Bundle. Find it exclusively at Chick Corea Shop – it’s not available anywhere else on the internet, not even on Amazon!
Yours in music,
Community Manager
Chick Corea Productions
PS – Stay tuned tomorrow for another quick video preview, with Chick’s memories of Thelonious Monk (part 3 of 6).

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