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Femme Fatale will be cruisin’ with Monsters of Rock Cruise this February! This will be our 5th cruise! We are stoked to be back! Who’s joining us? #bahamas #femmes #femmefatale #femmefatalerocks#monstersofrockcruise #monstersofrock #hornsup ⚡️🖤

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lorraine lewis

Hello Rock n Rollas!! In case u do not know… the new Femme Fatale CD “One More For The Road” has been released!!! You can get your very own cd at http://www.rockandrollvending.com/…/femme-fatale-one-more-f…and an”official” autographed CD at fnarecords.net – This music was recorded with the original Femme Fatale and was to be our 2nd release on MCA!! I am stoked it is now available thanks to my friends at F n A Records!! PS Downloads are also available. Thank you all so much for your support!! Rock Your Saturday Night. Lorraine

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