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n case you missed the news, Sweden’s

Seventh Crystal

have joined the label’s roster of young, up-and-coming talent. The band’s debut album, “Delirium” will be released on May 14, 2021. Get your first taste of this incredible new rock band via their first single and video, ‘Say What You Need To Say’ HERE:

Who’s given this a shot already? What do you think?
Pre-order/save “Delirium” on CD/Color LP/Digital HERE: 💥 New U.S. Store NOW OPEN:

Frontiers Music Srl is thrilled to announce the signing of the outstanding and buzzworthy Indian hard rockers

Girish And The Chronicles

(GATC) to the label for a multi-album deal!

The band’s singer Girish Pradhan says, “Frontiers is home to some of the most legendary artists, some of whom we actually idolized as kids and it is a truly wonderful feeling to be a part of this family. We had hoped for this for quite some time and we had no idea that we would be the first Indian band to do this! We really look forward to creating some crazy albums together and adding to the legacy!”
GATC plans to head to the studio very soon to start the recordings of their third record which is expected to be released in early 2022. Girish concludes: “We are very excited for this. We have already started making demos and they sound KICK ASS! As always, we want to take this album to the next level. It will have all the musical elements that we love to hear, in our day to day lives, which of course revolves around good old Rock ‘n Roll. From the Sunset Strip to NWOBHM and more. Our audience can expect some great anthems!”
Girish continues, “We are a hard rock/melodic rock/heavy metal band. We like making the kind of music that we grew up listening to, which revolves around the ’80s. However, we do like including a song or two that may have a very different vibe. Could be in the form of a progressive song or maybe a riff that has a bit of “India” in it. All in all, we think of it as a roller coaster ride with the meanest in-your-face songs to beautiful ballads. We feel no matter how dedicated we are to the art, we still should not stop ourselves from exploring more, but without losing the essence of what we truly love.”
GATC has released two acclaimed albums, their debut “Back on Earth” on Universal Music India and the more recent “Rock The Highway,” which was released independently outside of India as well.
For the uninitiated, you can hear what the band sounds like via the below music videos.
Coming from the city of Bengaluru in Sikkim, India, GATC are known for their soaring, powerful vocals, biting guitars, thunderous bass, and pounding drums, staying true to the authentic ‘80s heavy metal/hard rock sound which they grew up with. Many rock outlets, listed GATC’s “Rock the Highway” on their list of top Top Rock/Metal Albums of 2020 and the group has gained a cult following with ’80’s and ’90s hair metal and hard rock aficionados.
GATC is also well known in the Indian rock scene for electrifying live shows and have toured across the nation and beyond. The group has supported bands ranging in variety from American alt rockers Hoobastank to Finnish rockers Poets of the Fall to German thrashers Destruction. Additionally, the band has been part of various leading music festivals in India consistently. They also recently toured with/backed ex-Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler during his performances in India. Vocalist Girish Pradhan is also part of the international metal group, Firstborne, which is led by Chris Adler, James Lomenzo and Hugh B. Myrone. He has also toured the UK, France, Spain, Portugal and other territories with his other side projects in the past. In their 11 year existence, they have been credited by many fans for bringing the classic hard rock culture back in India and are an inspiration to many new and upcoming bands in the scene.
Follow GATC on Social Media:

Icon Of Sin

is an awesome new Brazilian heavy metal band that were are thrilled to have added to our roster! And when we say heavy metal, we mean HEAVY METAL. Check out the two tunes below and please let us know what you think. We are really psyched about this band and you can also expect to hear

Raphael Mendes

popping up as a guest on an upcoming album from a metal luminary…..

☢ “Shadow Dancer” (music video)
☢ “Icon Of Sin” (lyric video)
The band’s self-titled debut arrives April 16th.
Zone contenant les pièces jointes

The new


album is just killer, up-beat, super catchy, powerful and in-your-face melodic heavy rock at its highest order!! So, fasten your seat bealts and let W.E.T. rock your world!!!

Songwritting : 10
Production : 10
Musicianship : 10
Songs : 10

Overall Rating : 10 / 10″ –

Heavy Paradise , The Paradise Of Melodic Rock
Listen to “Retransmission” here:

“It is time for


‘ fourth album and this can be the time a band gets stale, but with the input of new members this has helped ensure we are looking at a huge jump in progression and personally I feel the band have grasped the status I believed they would attain when I first heard the debut.” –

Jace Media
Have you checked out “We Will Ride” by Inglorious yet?


What a splendid tour this was. We recorded every show, so it was very difficult to pick which recordings to use as the audiences were amazing night after night. We are really, really pleased with the results. It was also great fun putting the second half of the album together as there are some great songs on there that are rarely played live.” – Merv Goldsworthy,

FM official
FM official are celebrating the 30th Anniversary of their second album “Tough It Out” with the release of a new double live album, “Tough It Out Live” on April 9, 2021.
Pre-order/save “Tough It Out Live” HERE: (Signed copies are available from the band’s official webstore.) 💥 New U.S. Store NOW OPEN:
1. Intro
2. Tough It Out
3. Don’t Stop
4. Bad Luck
5. Someday (You’ll Come Running)
6. Everytime I Think Of You
7. Burning My Heart Down
8. The Dream That Died
9. Obsession
10. Can You Hear Me Calling?
11. Does It Feel Like Love
12. Feels So Good
1. Digging Up The Dirt
2. Tough Love
3. Hollow
4. Dangerous
5. Hard Day In Hell
6. Wildside
7. Breathe Fire
8. Only The Strong Survive
9. Blood And Gasoline
10. I Ain’t The One
11. I Heard It Through The Grapevine

One week from today, new studio albums from


Ronnie Atkins Official


Pretty Maids

, Norwegian melodic rock queen


, Italian metallers

Secret Sphere

, Lebanese prog metal up-and-comers


, and UK melodic rock hero

TEN/Gary Hughes

, the debut albums from Welsh hard rocker

Chez Kane Music

(produced by Danny Rexon from

Crazy Lixx

), and Heart Healer (the new metal opera by

Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall


Anette Olzon


Adrienne Cowan


Netta Laurenne


Noora’s corner official

, and more), a best of collection from Gary Hughes, and

Ronnie Romero Official Site

‘s debut album on lead vocals for



Which ones are you going to be checking out?
💥 New U.S. Store NOW OPEN:
💥 Ronnie Atkins “One Shot”
💥 Sunstorm “Afterlife”
💥 Heart Healer “The Metal Opera by Magnus Karlsson”
💥 Chez Kane “Chez Kane”
💥 ISSA “Queen Of Broken Hearts”
💥 Secret Sphere “Lifeblood”
💥 Turbulence “Frontal”
💥 Gary Hughes “Waterside”
💥 Gary Hughes “Decades”



Frontiers Music Srl is thrilled to announce the return of Lana Lane, who has signed to the label for a new multi-album deal.
Lana Lane is an accomplished rock vocalist with a long history of recording and touring. Born in Concord, California to a musical family, Lana grew up on a balanced diet of both rock music and big band swing music. Since music was always in the house, singing came very naturally to Lana, and she started fronting bands straight out of high school. To forward her career, Lana moved to Los Angeles in the late ’80s where she met her husband/producer Erik Norlander (Dukes Of The Orient, ASIA featuring John Payne).
Lana’s debut album, “Love is an Illusion”, was released in 1995 to critical acclaim. It soon caught the ear of a Japanese record company, Marquee Belle Antique, who saw great potential in the music, and of course in Lana’s voice. The company released Lana’s second album, “Curious Goods”, in 1996, and then in 1998, Marquee launched a new high profile label called Avalon with Lana Lane as their flagship artist. Avalon released Lana’s “Garden of the Moon” album which skyrocketed her career on the international stage, ultimately resulting in her first European release.
Lana began touring in Japan in 1998 to support “Garden of the Moon” and the subsequent “Ballad Collection” and “Queen of the Ocean” releases. She then expanded her touring efforts to Europe in 2001 to support “Secrets of Astrology”, with additional tours in 2003 and 2004. In 2004, Lana released her first DVD, “Storybook: Tales from Europe and Japan”, which documented her first years of touring on two continents. Then in 2005, Lana embarked on her 10th Anniversary Tour which culminated in her appearance at the Sweden Rock Festival at the end of the European leg and then the filming her 10th Anniversary Concert DVD in Tokyo after the final show in Japan at the tour’s conclusion. These years also marked the beginning of Lana’s relationship with Frontiers Music Srl.
Lana has been dubbed “The Queen of Symphonic Rock” by fans and media, yet she remains a very versatile artist, able to move from intimate jazz pieces (“Ballad Collections”, “Winter Sessions”) to bone crushing progressive metal (“Secrets of Astrology”, “Lady Macbeth”, etc.). But, in the end, it is Lana’s love of melody and artistry that reigns over all. She is a dedicated artist who approaches her craft with grace and integrity.
Lana Lane released her last album, “El Dorado Hotel” in 2012, so it has been a long time coming for her next release! The new album will again be produced by Lana’s husband, Erik Norlander. The release is anticipated for release in late 2021 and will be Lana’s 11th full-length studio album.


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Have you had a chance to check out all three singles released from

Ronnie Atkins Official


Pretty Maids

) upcoming solo album, “One Shot”? We can assure you, this album is a melodic rock gem from one of the greatest vocalists ever.

“Real” (music video)
“One Shot” (music video)
“Scorpio” (audio)




Frontiers Music Srl va publier le 24 janvier 2020 un double live “Hard Rock Casino Cleveland 2014”.
formats disponibles : 2 CD+DVD, 3 LP et Blu-ray

“Enregistré le 17 octobre 2014 au Hard Rock Casino de Northfield (OH), ce concert propose un essai très complet et passionnant sur le répertoire de Blue Öyster Cult. Avec plus de 2 heures de musique, le groupe est littéralement en feu et interprète certaines des chansons les plus belles et les plus appréciées de son histoire, sans oublier des passages plus profonds qui raviront les fans.
… Blue Öyster Cult est de retour et propose ce premier concert d’une série de Live qui seront publiées au cours de l’année 2020 et marquera l’un des retours les plus excitants de l’année dans le rock!”


1. Od’d On Life Itself
2. The Red And The Black
3. Golden Age Of Leather
4. Burnin’ For You
5. Career Of Evil
6. Shooting Shark
7. The Vigil
8. Me262
9. Buck’s Boogie
10. Black Blade


11. Then Came The Last Days Of May
12. Godzilla
13. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper
14. Harvester Of Eyes
15. I Love The Night
16. Hot Rails To Hell
17. Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll

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Animal Drive recently released their EP, “Back To The Roots”, which features epic cover versions of Whitesnake/David Coverdale’s “Judgement Day”, SKID ROW’s “Monkey Business” and WARRANT’s classic “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”. ”
Now comes the video for their super-heavy rendition of Roxette’s “The Look” featuring Rosa Laricchiuta. Check it out!

Buy or Stream the (digital only) EP Here:

Unruly Child – “The Only One” (Official Audio)










In case you missed the news last week, we announced the release of the upcoming release from Whitesnake/David Coverdale guitarist, Joel Hoekstra, DYING TO LIVE!

DYING TO LIVE will be released on October 16th and is the debut album from Joel’s melodic hard rock side project, Joel Hoekstra’s 13. The album features an all-star cast of rockers including Jeff Scott Soto Official (vocals),Russell Allen (vocals), Tony Franklin The Fretless Monster (bass), Vinny Appice (drums), Der

Afficher la suite

Here is another new track from the upcoming Blackmores Night (Official Site) album, ALL OUR YESTERDAYS! Check out “Moonlight Shadow” by hitting the play button on the YouTube video below!

Pre-order the latest release from the Candice Night and Ritchie Blackmore Official Site led band on iTunes and “Moonlight Shadow”, “All Our Yesterdays” and “The Other Side” will all download instantly:

ALL OUR YESTERDAYS will be released September 18th!

Get your copy of ‘ALL OUR YESTERDAYS’ from : Amazon – – – http://w…


The latest issue of our Melodic Rock Fanzine is available now for your reading pleasure! Features reviews and interview of and with Lynch Mob (Official), Praying Mantis UK Rock – Metal, U.D.O. (official), Symphony X,Kelly Keeling’s MindRadio, Veronica “The V” Freeman, The Murder of My Sweet and MORE! Check it out at the link below!

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Ready for another track from Praying Mantis UK Rock – Metal‘s upcoming album, LEGACY? Check out the song and video for “Fight For Your Honour” now and let us know what you think!!!

LEGACY will be released August 21st! Pre-order on iTunes/Apple Musicand “Fight For Your Honour” AND “The One” will download instantly:

With the announcement this week of Geoff Tate (Official)‘s new bandOperation: Mindcrime‘s upcoming album THE KEY, we thought a ‪#‎FBF‬ to one of Geoff’s (many) great vocal performances with Queensrÿche would be in order. “Eyes Of A Stranger”!!!

Music video by Queensryche performing Eyes Of A Stranger.

This is a really nice tribute to Chris Squire courtesy of Yes (official)‘s website. Jon Anderson, Geoff Downes, Rick Wakeman Music, Steve Howe,Steve Hackett, Bill Bruford, Brian May, Paul Stanley, John Wetton, Steve Lukather, and many, many others contribute their thoughts and words.

It’s with the heaviest of hearts and unbearable sadness that we must inform you of the passing of our dear friend and Yes co-founder, Chris Squire. Chris peacefully…

Have you given Nelson’s PEACE OUT a listen yet? Whether you have or not, be sure to check out this EPK for the album where Matthew and Gunnar Nelson talk about the writing and recording of the album and the stories behind the songs!

Get your copy of PEACE OUT here:

Whitesnake/David Coverdale‘s tour has kicked off! Who is going to a show?

WHITESNAKE’s new touring lineup — David Coverdale (vocals), Joel Hoekstra (guitar), Reb Beach (guitar), Michael Devin (bass), Tommy Aldridge (drums) and…

Here is another track from THE PURPLE ALBUM, “Lay Down Stay Down”!!! Check it out and let us know what you think!

Whitesnake/David Coverdale‘s THE PURPLE ALBUM will be released May 15th EU, May 18th UK, May 19th US. If you pre-order on iTunes, then “Stormbringer”, “Burn” and “Lay Down Stay Down” will download instantly:

WHITESNAKE – Lay Down Stay Down (Official Audio) Order “The Purple Album” NOW from iTunes and…

Toto XIV is now available EVERYWHERE! We hope you enjoy listening to this album as much as we have been over the past couple of months. It is a true masterpiece worthy of a high ranking in their esteemed catalog!

Once you’ve had a moment to check the album out, then let us know what you think!

@[18554375953:274:Toto] XIV is now available EVERYWHERE! We hope you enjoy listening to this album as much as we have been over the past couple of months. It is a true masterpiece worthy of a high ranking in their esteemed catalog! </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>Once you've had a moment to check the album out, then let us know what you think!

You guys seem to really be enjoying kiskesomerville‘s video for the title track to “City Of Heroes”, so here is another song/video….”Walk On Water”!!!

If you pre-order CITY OF HEROES on iTunes, then “Walk On Water” AND “City Of Heroes” will both download automatically! Pre-order here:



Press release Frontiers
We are excited to announce the release of the brand new IMPELLITTERI studio album entitled “Venom” on April 17th in Europe and April 21st in North America!!!!!















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