Herzegovina – Road of Joys (live session)



Mandinga Records
29 January 2021
Hailing from the hills of Rio de Janeiro, Herzegovina are a trio formed by guitarist and vocalist Rafael Crespo, bassist Marcello Fernandes and drummer Mario Mamede. The group has been mining their brand of exotic, abstract post-punk since 2016 when they released their first EP ‘5AM’. In 2018, the trio released their second EP entitled ‘Last Turn’, and as we say goodbye to 2020, the band last month released their first long-player effort entitled, ‘Emergency’ on Mandinga Records in Brazil.

Their sound takes 1978 post-punk and melts it with a colder, darker, no wave sound that takes the ice age of Joy Division coupled with the warm, angular vibe of TelevisionThe Sound and Chameleons.

Recorded between February and August 2019, Emergency was ringing out a vibe of digital-dystopia; the lyrics reveal a distressing panorama which was foreseen as an imminent future or as an alarming present, sung and shouted in panic verses.

Herzegovina’s Emergency is refreshing reflux for all this chaos that we are living in.


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