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Our next video is titled “Need That” an anthem about the come-up. We wanted to cameo everyone we knew that is on, or on the way up. If you can film yourself with your smartphone, in your element, doing what motivates you during the hook would be a huge favor. You can rap the hook or just rep to it. To make it easier I created a dubsmash for both parts of the hook.

Need That –

Need That Part 2 of the Chorus –

You can view the full song at The rest of the video will be filmed in Roanoke, Virginia. If you can use better equipment than Dubsmash, by all means please do! Either way, we will use everything and give social media shouts/credit to all that participate. You can include a shout out and where you are from we will include it at the end of the video. All love!

 Chris Prythm

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Thank you all for listening! Enjoy!!!



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