jackie chambers

jackie chambers


his is VERY good news for some of us  so come on, let’s get out there and support all the bands we love, old & new!

You can make a start this health kick by coming along to see us Syteria  we’ve 2 shows next week Hitching Club 85 on Thursday and then Friday at the CALL OF THE WILD FESTIVAL


Hope to see MORE of you health seekers there 


Call of the Wild Festival
Club 85



Can we ask you to please vote again for us to get through to the next round. 


Jax X

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Great Music Stories

The Final Short List – Voting is Open!

Here’s the final 51 bands you chose from the original list of 172. Congrats to all the 51, making the final list was no easy task. And to all the original 172 bands – every band was someone’s favourite, something not to forget.

Voting has re-opened for six days – http://greatmusicstories.com/vote-2018/

Everyone gets to vote again. It’s close – so choose wisely!

No tagging on posts from me here on in. If you’re a fan and love a particular band do share the vote link and spread the word – and the band that wins it also has to go out and win it (if you get my drift), so over to you…..

Good luck to all the bands!

Myself and Kim are making a cameo appearance in the forthcoming rock industry comedy movie – “Dirty Tuppence”, which is about two all-female rock bands who hate each other on a world tour together.

The producers are trying to raise some extra funding to enhance some of the SPFX in the movie.

If you would like to help or just want to know more about the movie then please visit

Jackie Chambers
8 août, 21:11
In a few days Syteria are heading for the studio again to record a brand new track especially to do a video to. Can’t wait, now this time this video is going to be REALLY silly…you should see the storyboard and theme…lol.
Anyone hazard a guess as to what the song could be about? (for those who I’ve told already, don’t spoil the fun)
Ok the clue is : What have The Misfits, SIouxsie and The Dead Kennedy’s have in common?
We’ll let you hear snippets of it when it’s done!
In a few days Syteria are heading for the studio again to record a br…

A review of a gig we played in Newcastle. We’re playing this Friday night in London for anyone around the New Cross area.

Jax X

Lots of GIRLSCHOOL and SYTERIA gigs coming up

14th July – Bang Your Head, Balingen (Germany)
26th July – Metal Days, Tolmin (Slovenia)
26th – 28th July – Headbangers Open Air, Brande-Hörnerkirchen (Germany) ____________________________________________________________
6th September – O2 abc, Glasgow (Scotland) with Rose Tattoo
7th September – Limelight 2, Belfast (Northern Ireland) with Rose Tattoo
8th September – Voodoo Lounge, Dublin (Ireland) with Rose Tattoo
10th September – O2 Academy Newcastle, with Rose Tattoo
11th September – O2 Academy 2, Birmingham (England) with Rose Tattoo
13th September – O2 Islington Academy, London (England) with Rose Tattoo
13th October – Cognac, Les Abattoirs (France)
9th November – Hard Rock Hell (Wales)
24th November – Winterstorm, Troon Concert Hall (Scotland)

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Syteria have a new pledge campaign out right now with plenty of exclusives still left. Take a look


Promo Video for When I get out of High School from Syteria’s Debut EP Info and merch available fromwww.syteria.co.uk

There is now less than 3 days to pledge for the debut EP of my side project band SYTERIA.

The EP will be available to download on the 31st January to all the pledgers and the EP will be pressed and sent out soon after
If any of you still want to pledge please go tohttp://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/syteria where you can find a whole lot of stuff to buy including my Demos CD-R of the EP songs PLUS the demo of Santa’s Harley (photo of CD below!) also our very first T-shirt as well as the EP!

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