Judith Miller Band (JMB) is a versatile trio that combines the eclectic vocal talents of Judith Miller, an avid disciple of Ella Fitzgerald, Bonne Raitt, Claire Martin, Queen Latifah and Etta James with the talents of an amazing piano player and vocalist, Joe Gee and a super bassist Russ Harrison. The resulting compositions blend jazz, blues, gospel, country, pops with an improvisational style making JMB comfortable with Jazz from BeBop to Swing to soulful Ballads as well as R&B, Blues and Light Rock.JMB has excellent credentials and is recognized locally, nationally and globally in Reverbnation Jazz polls ranking in the “Top 5” local jazz groups for the last 20 years. Judith was most recently honored with a triple nomination as “Best Jazz Artist” “Best Jazz Song” and “Best Jazz Producer” by Indie Music Channel-Hollywood and in April, 2013 was named their choice as “Best Jazz Artist” and “Best Jazz Producer” of the year. This year Judith was nominated as “Best Jazz Songwriter” for 2013. Her original music can be heard on Indie Music Channel, Reverbnation and Facebook, and is played on Indie Music Radio, SoundCloud, NumberOne Music, Jango Radio, www.k1776.fm and Austin Jazz Alliance Radio. JMB has produced several CD’s over years for SXSW Festival and since 2009 has produced 3 original albums and 1 single release; “I Am What I Am”, “Christmas Time” (a single), “Lets Have Fun, Baby” and “On the Road to Temple”
Par Judith Miller

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