First Annual Independent Artist of the Year Award Show – Dec. 15th (Sat) 2012 9pm est USA.

We are negotiating three venues and it depends on deal offered, sponsorship preferences, lodging promos and etc

1.) Universal Studios, Orlando,Fl

2.) Bi-Lo Center, Greenville, SC

3.) Carolina Center, Greenville,SC

The three chosen finalists will be required to perform at the show.

Winner will be chosen and Awarded on the show.

The rehearsal will begin at 8am on the 15th. Media Interviews from 12 noon til 3 pm. Show starts at 9pm est USA.

Lodging, Craft Services, Local Transportation and Security will be provided.

Hosts will be Michael, Devin Cates, Josie Passantino and Will Sherratt and we think we have a surprise host and performer lol.

We will use ONE band.

We are talking with GAC (Scripps Network) but, frankly we pull a larger audience than any of their shows so we may do a Live Worldwide Stream from our network.

I will forward releases etc to the three finalists when required.

“Bear with us” as this is a Major gig and things can get a little radical,lol.

But “fear not” I have done a few before,lol.

The more you promote yourself the larger the audience will be!

Ticket Sales(TicketMaster and venue) info will be forwarded to participants when available. ALL proceeds from ticket Sales go to a pre-determined Charity!



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