Watch out, Watch out there is another BLOG about! Relax in the sunshine with a nice glass of wine and have a good read! ‘Appy days! Mick www.mick-box.net
Mick talks about Rolan Bolan, an electric guitar played by John Lennon and George Harrison selling for £269,000, a dumb robbery, Jason Bonham and the hologram idea, a Brian Johnstone of AC/DC and Rod Stewart documentary, having to re-do my Doors solo, and his new Carparelli Guitar. He also discusses, Sheila & Romeo in the South of France, Vic driving our backline to Switzerland & France, Trevor’s daughter Sarah and her friend Becky come on the road trip with us, the festival in Appenzell Switzerland, the noisy hotel rooms, and the Leningrad Cowboys. He also talks about, Julien En Genevois in France, where we were playing the Guitar En Scene, Magic Mirror room, meeting Robert Cray, Brian May & Kerry Ellis, Mick Jones, vocalist Kelly Hansen, and drummer Chris Frazier from ‘Foreigner,’ and meeting Stephen Tyler from ‘Aerosmith’ at LHR

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