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Dear Friends in Music, MoonJune is announcing its new cd release.

DIALETO (pronounce DEE-AH-LEH-TO) comes from São Paulo, Brazil. The Last Tribeis a “take no prisoners” progressive rock steamroller. From the opening chords, guitarist Nelson Coelho gives clear evidence that the band is ready to tread over new ground – and fully prepared to take it by force!

DIALETO‘s long-overdue international debut (and their third studio album, following Will Exist Forever from 1991, and Chromatic Freedom from 2010 – both albums feature the former bass player Andrei Ivanovic), shatters the power trio template, visiting styles and textures that could have been just as at home forty years ago as they are today, while remaining undeniably contemporary and accessible. Quirky, unpredictable and overflowing with power and energy, the trio rips through an original set of barn-burners that defy categorization, but are fresh, compelling and masterfully delivered.

The band is as tight as it is explosive – never allowing the listener to get comfortable in one spot for too long, before catapulting them into their next frenzied foray. They deliver the sonic goods in an enthralling, cohesive package. Coelho’s grandiose guitar work is always firmly at the forefront: the music guided confidently by a seasoned player possessed of intrinsic melodic sensibilities, but unafraid to follow those senses along paths previously untread. His tones are monstrous; his playing is flawless, instinctive and full of passion and fire.

The Last Tribe conjures images of what some of progressive rock’s most vaunted acts might have achieved, had they been as daring and self-assured. Moments of sheer creative brilliance abound on this fantastic outing, DIALETO‘s first offering for MoonJune Records.

This is a scorching effort that will win over fans with its rare combination of power, grace, ambition and spontaneity, and showcases the brilliant Nelson Coelho as one of progressive music’s most vital new voices on guitar coming from Latin America. Crank up this album and prepare to be blown away!!

The Last Tribe’s DIALETO is musically spoken by: NELSON COELHO guitars; JORGE PESCARA touchguitars; MIGUEL ÁNGEL drums.

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dialeto_880p-x-476pDIALETO – “Last Tribe” video teaser

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