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Watch 40 live-streamed product demos from top brands & artists on NuMuBu. Ask questions via live chat.

NuMuBu Announces “NuMuBu Live! Live Streaming Video Feature at NAMM 2014.



NuMuBu will be streaming live from NAMM 2014 using their recently-released feature, “NuMuBu Live!”. 40 product demonstrations by top brands and musicians, and you’ll be able to watch all of it for free, right from your browser. You can even participate by asking questions during each demo via live chat.

The event takes place during the four days of NAMM, from January 23rd – 26th, starting at 10am PST, and ending at 6pm PST. Just click here during showtime:

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NuMuBu Live! Live Streaming is Free For All NuMuBu Members

Have you ever wanted to stream a live event? NuMuBu Live! makes it really easy, and with the optional Tip Jar feature, it’s also a new source of true income, from home or venue. It’s also a very valuable tool that helps you to build your fan/follower base through Fan Pooling™.

And NuMuBu Live! is FREE TO USE anytime!

Features include:

• CD-quality audio
• HD video
• Great ease-of-use
• Optional Tip Jar for true revenue
• Video archiving
• Live chat with viewers
• Unlimited viewers
• Promote to Facebook button
• Hand-holding support

Event types:

• Live performances from home, studio, venue, etc.
• Live product demonstrations with Q&A
• Live webinars with Q&A
• Sponsored concert series
• Lessons, etc…

With the new “Live Broadcasts” scheduling section in your left-side navigation, you can easily schedule and promote your live events. In fact, NuMuBu will promote all live events in the schedule to all of it’s social media channels.

Sound too good to be true? Give it a try anytime. You’ll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to do.

For questions and info, contact us!:

Warm regards,

The NuMuBu Team


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