It’s Really That Time
Thanksgiving is almost here and the shameless commerce of Black Friday is quickly approaching. As we prepare for stories of people causing bodily harm and dismemberment to each other in order to get 40% off of a Sony Playstation, we also must realize that we’re going to need quick access to quality Holiday Music in order to properly underscore our footage of the ensuing carnage as well as occasionally heartwarming Holiday Moments.If you want that Traditional “Warm and Fuzzy, Johnny and Sissy are Home for The Holidays Let’s Watch the Yule Log and Get Blasted on Grandma’s Mulled Cider” thing, fear not … we have it. All the usual Jingle Bell Deck The Halls etc. Carols are here.

BUT …  if your Holiday needs run somewhat left of center (think X Games Under The Mistletoe), The OML can hang with you there too. We have some wildly unique Holiday tracks that will make your footage stand out and expose your competition for the weak and pathetic media poseurs they are.

So Ho Ho Ho yourself over to the OML and get great music, utterly mellow licensing, and unapproachably great pricing now.

Yours in the true Holiday Spirit,

Phil & Peter
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