PAUL WERTICO infos nouvel album









Hi everyone, CDs of “Letter from Rome” by the Paul Wertico Trio (featuring Fabrizio Mocata on piano & Gianmarco Scaglia on bass) were released for purchase on January 14, 2022 and downloads of the album will be available soon!
I’m really proud of this recording and I hope you’ll check it out!!!

Wow, look what just showed up in my mail! It’s the Paul Wertico/John Helliwell Project’s new 2-CD set entitled “Live Under Italian Skies” on RAM Records, featuring Supertramp’s John Helliwell on saxophone, Raimondo Meli Lupi on guitar, Gianmarco Scaglia on bass, and yours truly on drums, plus special guest, Barbara Wertico on piano. I hope you’ll check it out!!!



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