Remi Desroques a mis en ligne la vidéo TCM Contest.

Remi Desroques a mis en ligne la vidéo TCM Contest.
TCM Contest
TCM ContestComposed by Remi Desroques

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Since January 2009, Remi Desroques and Wave Reader Productions decided to release a tune per month and post it on the fan page at Reverbnation and many other places. The project showcases multiple genre of music from classical to hip-hop and anything in between.All of the music is mixed, engineered and arranged by Remi Desroques in Japan.

The goal of this project is to help artists get a produced song and also to cross-promote both of our sides. After 3 years, the project keeps getting bigger and bigger with thousands of fan, hitting the Reverbnation charts like never before and s… (plus)


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