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Dear Rockers,Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp is proud to announce our upcoming camps with Special Guests that are on your bucket list. In addition to our Fantasy Camps for guitarists, drummers, bassists, and keyboardists, we are excited to be hosting camps geared towards vocalists, songwriters and music producers.
VOCALISTS:Here is an opportunity to spend 4 days with the some of the top vocalist in the world! Throughout the 4 days, our special guests will share their knowledge and train you to fulfill your dreams of becoming the best singer you can be. Whether you are looking to audition for The Voice, American Idol, America’s Got Talent, or Rising Star, this camp experience will have you walking away and with confidence to audition.We are proud to present Oscar Winner, Ms. Darlene Loveas a special guest. Darlene has received an Oscar this past year for her starring role in Twenty Feet From Stardom. Hear Roger Daltrey’s personal insights from fronting one of the worlds’ most successful bands to performing on Broadway. We are limiting this program to only 10 vocalists; so do not miss out this one of a kind opportunity. 

Vocalist Fantasy Camp will run from Thursday, October 16 to Friday, October 19, 2014 at Foxwoods Resort Casino. Click HERE for more information.



This special program for aspiring songwriters is an intense 4 days of learning and perfecting your songwriting skills. In this Fantasy Camp, songwriters who have written hit songs year after year will mentor and teach you the inner secrets to the art of songwriting.


Some aspire to write songs for chart topping artists, while others dream of writing successful songs for their own musical career. No matter what your end goal is, let our Songwriting experts guide you there. Our goal for all Songwriting Fantasy Campers is to walk out of Rock Camp with the confidence to sell, perform, and continue writing hit songs. If you give us 4 days, you will get the fundamentals of songwriting and years of knowledge to consistently write the hit songs you dream of!


These camps are geared for people who want quick, efficient, and effective results. We respect your precious time, and we ask that you give us 4 days of your life and we will transform it as we have done for the last 18 years to so many musicians. While we are careful and do not promise stardom, we have inspired so many lives and brought passion to so many attendees. Every past camper has taken what they have learned at Fantasy Camp from our artists, counselors, and fellow campers and apply it to their daily lives for a positive influence and new outlook.  Click HERE for more information.

PRODUCERS/MIXERS/ARTISTS& HOME STUDIO OWNERS:At this special Fantasy Camp, a limited number of attendees will interact with Grammy Award Winning Legends Bill Szymczyk (The Eagles, The Who, Joe Walsh), Al Schmitt (Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton), Elliot Scheiner (Foo Fighters, Beck, Steely Dan), and Tony Visconti(David Bowie, T. Rex, Morrissey).Each day, a different legendary Producer will join participants in the studio where attendees will learn from the masters, have their music mentored or evaluated, and get personal stories and insight on the in-studio recording process. Together these producers have sold a billion of records, earned numerous Grammy’s and have contributed to some of the most successful albums of all time.


This Fantasy Camp is for those who own their own home studio, aspire to become music producers or improve techniques, engineers, mixers and musicians. This camp will give you the opportunity to bring your songs in for critique and add the magic touch with the guidance of professionals. Together with Joe D’Ambrosio, I have created a camp for you to spend four days with these phenomenal Producers.  Never will you have an opportunity to be in a room with this incredible lineup of masters. This camp is limited to 30 participants, so act fast and sign up now.

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Past campers have reached out to me to share the music they have be inspired to write, along with songs and albums that have been collaborated with the Rock Stars they have met through Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp. One camper recently signed an endorsement deal with ME Custom Guitars. This camper is the first bassist the company has signed! Also, here is a recent quote from a past camper who just finished his new album with the help of our Rock Star Counselors Ron Keel and Les Warner:“None of this could have happened unless RRFC was there to meet a primal desire to get the music out, to enjoy playing again and to meet the great folks who helped me along my journey. I must thank you for that and for the great RRFC camp alumni and counselors who contributed musically and spiritually to the project.”
Our Fantasy Camps have a 50% return rate of customers, and each camp experience is different from the last. For more information about our upcoming camps on both the East and West Coast, visit or call 888.762.2263 ext 05. Space is limited, reserve your spot today!

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