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From the inaugural “B. B. King Day Symposium” in 2015. Presented by the MVSU BB King Recording Studio & the B.B. King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center it was a very special immersion into the life, music and times of the “King of the Blues”, B.B. King. There was music…indeed wonderful music but more as former band members, friends and scholars discussed not only B.B.’ life but the influences and Delta culture that underlies this of so American music.

As you would imagine most of the people who have worked and rubbed shoulders with him, are up in years. IN fact, in this photo (center) there are four people, legends, who are no longer with us: Otis Clay, Booker Walker, Stanley Abernathy and Denise LaSalle (front row center). These people carry within them the memories and the stories that don’t often make it into the history books not to mention the soulfulness of their music. Among this group are other real legends… Mary Shepard, Queen of the Juke Joint and former owner of Club Ebony… Bobby Rush (back row, second from the left), King of the Chitlin’ Circuit and 2017 Grammy winner…and many more.

The performances at this event are just the icing on the cake. This dive into really history and real Delta culture will forever affect you. Join us…be there September 6 for the 4th Annual “B. B. King Symposium” on the campus of Mississippi Valley State University. for a day and a evening of magic.

Photo by Elaine Hughes

2 Living Blues Monsters Here .. The Great Russell Jackson & Donald Ray Johnson , what great honour to work with theses legends of the blues during the Calgary blues festival .. Ya”Baby !!


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