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Dear Friends in Music
Bosnian born Paris based drummer and composer SRDJAN IVANOVIC has brand new album – Modular
He will be fully back on MoonJune sometimes next year, but for now this self-release of an extraordinarily gifted musician.

Manu Codjia – guitar
Yoni Zelnik – bass
Srdjan Ivanovic – drums, + shaker & balafon (2)
Olivier Laisney – trumpet (1, 2, 4, 7)
Ludivine Issambourg – flute (1, 4, 6, 7, 9)
Magic Malik – flute (1, 2)
Christophe Panzani – sax (8)

In this first album under his own name, Srdjan Ivanovic orchestrates a confrontation between flutes: Magic Malik and Ludivine Issambourg, melody and abstraction: Manu Codjia and Olivier Laisney, under the guidance of Christophe Panzani, musical collaborator in Blazin’ Quartet, the ideal person to supervise the recording and give the tracks their final shape. A poignant, subtle album that reveals the group’s interplay and ability to take the music ever beyond its limits.

Forged in the Balkans and admirably blending the sensibilities of East and West, Srdjan Ivanovic’s melodies and rhythms boldly and spiritedly demonstrate his commitment to exploratory, pioneering and innovative jazz. A musician first, then a drummer, he draws inspiration from his own background: Greece and the literature of Kazantzakis (Kapetan Mihalis, Sweet Home Lagkada), his native Bosnia and the traditions of the Balkans (U Stambolu) and his life in Paris (Sous le ciel de Paris, Le Jongleur), as well as the ideas of cultural resistance (Résistance) and the feeling of the birth of a child (Fee Fee, dedicated to Filip Ivanovic).

“Modular can have many meanings. It’s modular in the sense that we spontaneously shape the form of a piece; it’s’s modular when we also naturally fluctuate with our intuitions. We modulate through our ears, our instrument, the present moment. The final interaction is with the listener, who also perceives and modulates the sound in his or her own way.” Srdjan Ivanovic



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