STEEV KINDWALD Infos concert live et workshop en France


Steev Kindwald has lived in South and Southeast Asia for the last 19 years discovering endangered traditions and innovating new vibrations on the Double Flutes, Jawharp and Flute Oblique.

His work is based on the breath and rhythm and the play of harmonics to give the listener a meditational/trance-like experience that reminds one of the soundscape of nature.

Please listen and enjoy the orchestra of vibrations that envelop the mind and body and soul!

Steev Kindwald transmits musics based on the spirits of nature. He has passed many years living with nomadic tribals and gypsies in the deserts and mountains in various parts of South and Southeast Asia. Steev is a highly accomplished double flute Alghoza player  —- he not only works with the ancient traditions but also composes some of the only new music for Alghoza double flutes.
Since childhood, he has played numerous kinds of Guimbarde and ,for years, has worked closely with traditional Guimbarde makers in many parts of South and Southeast Asia; Steev makes many models of Guimbarde from ancient designs as well new creations. Lately he works with flute obliques from Sumatra and the Indus Valley utilizing the techniques of Multiphonic and Respiration Circular plus other surprising innovative techniques.

1.) Double flute Alghoza of the lower Indus Valley techniques, tuning, maintenance, history, trance patterns and folk songs/raga.

2.) Breath techniques on flute obliques—such as the Narh or Kaval;

Utilizing muliphonics (playing the first and second octave simultaneously), circular breathing, rhythmic circular breathing and rhythmic circular breathing using the tongue and/or the voice.

3.) Techniques on metal Jawharp such as Morchang and Moorsingh;

Trance patterns on Morchang that are melodic as well as rhythmic for a more truly traditional sound—these melodic patterns will be demonstrated on both double flutes Alghoza and Narh as well for a more clear understanding.

Rhythmic patterns for Moorsingh South Indian ‘harp — beginning  and advanced rhythms depending on the students level–  plus breath accenting techniques essential for a more clear and spectacular sound!

Il est aussi possible de soumettre des propositions de workshop en France .
































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