Stefanie Nikolova – Lady Galaxy from Bulgaria and I am 13 years old

Stefanie Nikolova – Lady Galaxy


I am Stefanie Nikolova – Lady Galaxy from Bulgaria and I am 13 years old.
I like to sing, voice act, dance, and draw.
I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and I want to participate in your competition, casting, or in producing music and movies that you are organizing.
I have been training in ballet since I was 3 years old. I have been singing since late 2018.
and I already have several original songs that can be listened to on Spotify and Apple Music:
I work with many programs in the class of Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition., Crescendo, FLStudio, Kinemaster
I compose my own chords on my digital piano.
I have over 420 videos with covers and original songs on my YouTube channel.
Lady Galaxy (Stefanie Nikolova) wins GRAND PRIX on GRAND FINAL – 96.67 points on Golden Time Talent –
See presentation –
The largest online competition in the world with 56 judges from 18 countries –
All the winners in the previous seasons took part in the race. Between thousands of participants and 26 seasons of uncompromising competition!
Stephanie – Lady Galaxy, receives a radio rotation in the city of Chicago. She also received an invitation to participate in the concert in London City Center
*  *  *
Lady Galaxy Author’s songs:
2. “Love For A Playboy – the desert of desires” – Author’s song
Genre: Jazz-Pop –
3. Will to Love – Lady Galaxy – GRAND PRIX on GRAND FINAL – 96.67 – Golden Time Talent
6. Golden Blood –
My Contest Awards – 2020:
*  *  *
Instrumentals composed by Lady Galaxy
Voice Acting:
Romeo & Juliet of Shakespeare –
Lady Galaxy – Covers:
Easy on Me of Lady Galaxy –
All of Me of Lady Galaxy –
As the World Caves In of Lady Galaxy –
Memories of Lady Galaxy –
Always Remember Us This Way (Arizona Sky) – ������������ REMEMBER US THIS WAY – Church-Mosque and birds…
New Age of Lady Galaxy –
Grand Concert 3h 40m –
Meet Me On The Battlefield –
Someone You Loved:
Rock – This is Halloween:
POP – Christmas Without You:
POP – Loyal, Brave & True:
POP – Who is Laughing Now:
POP – drivers license –
POP – Levitating:
Lady Galaxy – Stefanie Nikolova
My Fans:
Group of Lady Galaxy Fans:
Only my author’s songs:
Complete presentation:

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