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One of our favourite up & coming bands out of the UK is THOSE DAMN CROWS 😎⚡️ Doug had the pleasure of being on one of their Podcasts recently so we thought we’d check out their latest album and hear what influenced them.
Check it out … we hope to be on the road with these guys later in the year and 2022🚀😎🚀























Hey guys, happy to report that our new album HOLY GROUND is available for pre-order, in as many places we can get it to .. 🚀🚀

Head to the link below to make sure your copy arrives around the release date of January 22, 2021! 🚀⚡️✌🏻
Can’t wait to get on the road and play these songs live ⚡️😎⚡️✌🏻

Can’t wait for Halloween weekend! 🎃👻💩
To keep you rockin’, we’ve put together this cool playlist so stream away & enjoy!🚀🚀
Hope you’re all doing OK … HAPPY HALLOWEEN 🎃👻🎃👻💀🕷️
Hi guys… check this out when you get a chance. Hope you dig it! Let me know what you think.












































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