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Find new fans.
We can help you get the exposure you deserve for your music!
For more than twenty years, the Indie Bible has been the go-to resource for indie musicians who want an affordable way to promote their music. Our music business directories are loved by indie artists all over the world, and lauded by music industry experts.
The INDIE BIBLE will help advance your music career by providing detailed contact information for over 2000 blogs and music reviewers, 960 labels and distributors, 400 promotional services & 4400 radio stations that will play your songs!
Get your 2022 Indie Bible!
“The Indie Bible has changed my music career and I can’t thank you and your team enough for creating something like this for upcoming artists.”
-Lexxi Raine, Singer/Songwriter
We’ve done all the research for you!
All you need to do is reach out to contacts looking for your style of music.
Contacts like…
  • 4400 radio stations and shows that will PLAY your songs
  • 2000 blogs and music reviewers
  • 960 record labels and distributors that will help you to SELL your music
  • 410 promotion, marketing, management, PR and publicity services
  • 190 digital music websites where you can UPLOAD your band’s MP3s or videos
All narrowed down by geographic area and including regional publications and resources.
how to stream my music
streaming music spotify
 Say “no more!” to throwing your music out there and hoping it sticks…
Create relationships with influential contacts and build a music career that lasts!
Wishing you the best with your music,
David Wimble
Editor, The Indie Bible
Get the 2022 Indie Bible!
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Get more valuable exposure for your music 🎶 📈
For 21+ years, the Indie Bible has been the go-to resource for indie musicians who want an affordable way to promote their music.
The Ultimate Indie Bundle has everything you need to get your music heard, get more gigs, gain more fans, and sell more of your music. Independent artists are using it right now to achieve breakthroughs in their music career, and so can you!
Get your Ultimate Indie Bundle!
                    How to use the Ultimate Indie Bundle
⭐ Find contacts for your needs and your type of music
Our directories are organized by geographic area and cover all genres (and different service categories).
⭐ Contact them using the information provided
We even show you how!
⭐ Get airplay, reviews and book more gigs! 
There simply is no easier or more straightforward way to find an audience for your music.
“The Indie Bible has changed my music career and I can’t thank you and your team enough for creating something like this for upcoming artists.” ✨
— Lexxi Raine, Singer/Songwriter
Included with your purchase:
  • The Indie Bible (PDF)
  • One year access to our Indie Bible Online Database where you can search, save, filter and export over 10,000 music services. Listings are updated daily!
  •  2 BONUS Music Guides – ‘The Ultimate Guide to Promoting your muisc’ & ‘The Ultimate Guide to Booking Gigs’
  • The Indie Venue Bible (PDF) – 30,000+ venues, festivals and colleges in the US & Canada.
musician at dj booth
All this info and more for just $59.95 (72% discount) as part of our Ultimate Indie Bundle.
So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to create relationships with influential contacts and boost your music career 🚀
Get your Ultimate Indie Bundle now!
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