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The Oxys
Generation Irrelevant
Dead Beat Records
21 July 2023
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October 13, 2023 (Austin, TX)  The Oxys incendiary new live video for the album track, “Isolation” premiered at V13, see it HERE. Written during the pandemic, this song focuses on the human emotion experienced while living in confinement. This is also the first video featuring new drummer, Chris Alaniz. The video was filmed live at Mohawk in Austin, TX on August 11, 2023.

“As the producer of the video “Isolation,” it was hugely beneficial to know the song inside and out in order to effectively harness the grit and energy the song evokes,” says rhythm guitarist Genocide. “With a stage full of vibrant performers, this made the production even more effortless. “Isolation” is such a relatable concept in that most people will know what it’s like to feel so surrounded, yet singular in a world overrun with robotic, validation-seeking automatons. Having largely played to a crowd that hadn’t previously heard our music, the response apparent in the video shows just how the song resonated with fresh eyes and ears in a live setting.”

“I’m immensely grateful for the team that helped me bring this video to life including Jon Currie, Baris Oztimurlenk and his eager camera assistant, Tanner. Jon and Baris have worked with me extensively, so they knew exactly what the band was looking for. Everyone involved in this production absolutely crushed it.”

The Oxys sophomore album Generation Irrelevant has been received exceedingly well at press, with interviews and coverage in outlets like Village Voice, Vive Le Rock, Classic Web Is Jericho, Veglam, Cosmic Clash, ThePunkSite, and many more. Brett Callwood at LA Weekly says “Rock ‘n’ roll doesn’t need saving, but The Oxys are going to do it anyway.”

The band explains that “ Generation Irrelevant is the tale of a country that is controlled by an elite class of oligarchs in which society tries to fight back but is completely oppressed. Middle-class and lower-class members of this society are pitted against each other by partisan politics and are brainwashed into believing that their opinions and actions can make a difference. They pay no attention to the fact that elite members of society siphon off their personal wealth as they bicker over fabricated social issues leading to a larger wealth gap between the rich and the poor. Terms like Gen Z, Gen X, Baby Boomers, and Millennials are thrown around to illustrate social characteristics of each age group, but in the end, they are all Generation Irrelevant.”

The Oxys are currently in the studio recording their third full-length record.

The band has continually performed live since their inception, sharing the stage with fan favorites like the Supersuckers, FEAR, Starving Wolves, Killer Hearts, and more. Shows coming up include:

10/14/23 – Hotel Vegas (Austin, TX) AC HELL FEST

12/8/23-12/10/23 – TV Eye (New York, NY) FEAR CITY FUN FEST

Generation Irrelevant is available now:

Splatter Vinyl on sale HERE.

Black Vinyl on sale HERE.

CD on sale HERE.

The Oxys line-up:

Jason “Ginchy” Kottwitz on lead guitar

Phil Davis on vocals

Genocide on rhythm guitar

Gabriel Von Asher on bass

Chris Alaniz on drums

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