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The Righteous Blues Band

Alvord, TX
Blues / Christian Blues

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I was finally able to load up the last two videos from our first show…looking forward to our next show…


I hope that you have all enjoyed the videos from our first show. We had an awesome time playing and are looking forward to the next show. I’ll send out updates as we have the band booked for events.


Have a blessed week!




“Honestly, this is some of the best new music to come my way in quite a while.”  John Penrice, DJ, radio

“Re:”Time”s Up” – Rockin… man I would love to come to your church! Man some smoking blues and church lady food….. That is great praise music right there.”  Surfnorthwest, Carvin Museum Board

“(I’m A) Christian Man” has been a real favorite of mine since you first did it…it is solid, raw, tight … it’s you at your blues best.   Paul Sylvain, ReverbNation



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