Heading to Rochester NY to bring the Rock to the Rochester Music Hall Of Fame. Carmine Appice, Ron Bumblefoot Thal and others will help celebrate the 50th birthday of WCMF-FM (96.5), Rochester’s long running rock station. 

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Rock funk jazz space jam with the Heart Of Storm band. A smoking band – Gregg Bissonette, Doug Aldrich, Derek Sherinian, Brent Woods, Brandon Fields and yours truly!

Blue Murder “Billy”… Almost live on Big Al’s show on MTV. We wanted to play it live but they wouldn’t let us. We recorded the music live in the studio a few days before, and then sang live vocals over that track. Pretty rocking regardless of my pajama pants! LOL.
Blue Murder Billy on the Big AL Show

Yes I noticed this as well, but the reason for this is actually due to the show’s rules because of the building’s acoustics. Some places are just horrible for live band sound with full on drum

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