URIAH HEEP 50 YEARS IN ROCK à l’OLYMPIA en exclusivité Before the show le 16 Octobre 2022


http://www.bel7infos.eu/uriah-heep-50-years-in-rock-a…/ thank so much Mick and your bands share with us have a good Sunday good luck for the show take care God bless

little message about Mick


We are staying an hour out of Paris! We plan to be by the stage door at 4.30pm -ish and that will really be the only possibility to have a photo Jean! I hope that works for you! After the show we are rushing off to get back to get some rest after a 3 hour show to leave early next morning for a 7 hour drive to Zurich and a concert that night!
THE 16 October 2022






























































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