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Veronica Swift

“I Am What I Am,” and I can’t wait to finally share it with you! My new self-titled album ‘Veronica Swift’ is out Sept. 15 on CD & Vinyl (red / black). Preorder now.

Check out the first single from my new album:

I grew up singing in jazz clubs with my parents on their tours, and this laid the base for a successful jazz career, but my passion has ALWAYS been rock n’ roll and theater. I never felt safe in showing this side of me without losing the audience I’d had all my life! The song “I Am What I Am” is an unapologetic manifesto of taking pride in who you are. It teaches us that we must leap into the void with fearless commitment, spitting in the face of conformity and those who try to make you someone you’re not — whether that’s all of society or just one person. Life’s just too short!

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New Album Available Sept. 15 on CD & Vinyl (red / black)

From Queen to Barbra Streisand to Jobim and beyond, I’m so excited to stretch my wings to my full range of influences and share who I truly am. I hope this album helps you embrace every aspect of who you are.

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