Whisky A Go-Go in Hollywood the 26 April 2022

Whisky A Go-Go


Please join me this Tuesday , April 26th at the Whisky A Go-Go in Hollywood, CA for a benefit to raise funds and goods for our Brothers and Sisters in Ukraine❤️. I will be performjng with 2 amazing musicians – Se-Hwang Kim on guitar and Jeff Bowders on drums. Thanks to Chuck Wright, Mari Kawaguchi and Jessica Chase for inviting me to this fun and important event ✌❤️ Markbass GHS Strings EMG Pickups Zoom Framus & Warwick Fender Kubicki Factor Bass ArtistWorks TrueFire TrueFire Truetone Music Grayson’s Tune Town Musicians Institute Berklee Bass Department Berklee College of Music ScottsBassLessons.com Bass Player Magazine Bass Musician Magazine Bass Frontiers Marco – CEO of Markbass and DVMark Riccardo Damiani Tommy Armstrong-Leavitt Jonathan Moody #zoomcreators #ukraine


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