Bobby Massano


L’image contient peut-être : une personne ou plus et plein air, texte qui dit ’BOBBY MESSANO THE SONGS NEVER SANG The The Covid Sessions 二料’

I’d like to help resolve some of the curiosity about my new project. “THE SONGS I NEVER SANG” drops on January 29th on iTunes and all streaming services. Pre-release is January 8th. This collection of cover songs I have always loved, but never sang, was a labor of love during this difficult year we’ve been through. Thank you

Kinny Landrum


Mel Watts


Joe Escobar

for your incredible musical contributions,

Steven Whitsitt

for the art and

Kyle Deibler


Lori Lynn


Martha Moore


Linda De Nova-Antonucci


Anne Lewer Geyer


Michael Hogan


Jeff Intrepid Singer


Dennis Harrold

for the love and support. “EVERY SONG HAS A STORY” 🎼🎼


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