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Check out the trailer for “The Torch”, a new documentary focusing on Buddy’s career and mentorship of young artists like Quinn Sullivan and Christone “KINGFISH” Ingram. In select theaters March 18. – Team BG

The Torch, as director Jim Farrell tells Rolling Stone, was inspired by a pact that Guy made with one of his mentors and predecessors, Muddy Waters: “Last man standing, don’t let the blues die.” To that end, the film does dig into Guy’s biography, but it also showcases all the work he’s put in as a mentor to upstart guitarists like Quinn Sullivan and Christone “Kingfish” Ingram, teaching them just as Waters and Howlin’ Wolf taught him. 

“Our aim in The Torch was to showcase Buddy’s brilliance and collaborative generosity onstage, while also achieving a fly on the wall intimacy for those backstage moments where he shares his vast life experiences,” Farrell says. “Like Derek Trucks says, ‘I always look forward to getting just whatever time we can with him because you walk away and you feel like there’s been this amazing knowledge dropped on you.’ The Torch shows how both onstage and off, Buddy’s dedication to young talent is truly unprecedented.”


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