My new album “Good As Gone” is out today!!! I can’t wait for everyone to hear it!! I wanna say thank you to everyone that helped make it happen!

First of all miss

Laura Chavez

, you are so amazing not just an incredible guitar player but you helped me put these songs together beautifully, you helped me pull these songs out of my head exactly the way I wanted them and of course, like always, you played the most amazing guitar that brings tears to my eyes. You are so amazing thank you for everything you have done for me personally and professionally, I love you!

Jeffrey Alan Berkley

the band sounds so amazing and the sound you get out of your studio is so killer, I knew after hearing the first roughs that this was gonna be special, you rock!!

Andrew Lane

it was so great to work with you again after all of these years, you have always brought out the best in my voice and it was such a pleasure and meant so much to me to work with you on this record.

Scottie Blinn


Roxanne Coverdale-Blinn

, I can’t say thank you enough. You have probably listened to these songs more than I have! Thank you for you hard work, patience, and for making this album sound as great as it does!!

Evan Caleb Yearsley Gutierrez


Jonny Viau


Steven Jeffery Ebner

, and Marcos C, you guys just absolutely nailed it! Thank you for your incredible playing and also for believing in me not only as a vocalist but as a producer. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my ideas and for bringing them to life. I could not have asked for a more incredible group of musicians! Thank you to my

VizzTone Label Group


Richard Rosenblatt


Amy Brat


Bob Margolin

, thank you for all of the time, care, and hard work that you put into every release. I am so grateful for everything you have done for me.

Thank you to all of the DJs all over the world for playing my new record, and to all of the amazing roots music fans for pre-ordering this record. It has been a long time coming and thank you for all of your endless support and love. I hope that this record can bring joy, I hope it makes you dance, and sing at the top of your lungs. I hope that it touches you and that it takes you away from the stress of your day for a few minutes. Thank you so much to everyone I love you, I am so grateful and I can’t wait for you to hear my first all original record. Here we go!! Buy here —>
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