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Thomas Dale Rapp nous a quittés RIP 0

Thomas Dale Rapp nous a quittés RIP

Thomas Dale Rapp Photo Bill O’Leary. Washington Post Thomas Dale Rapp (March 8, 1947 – February 11, 2018) was an American singer and songwriter who led Pearls Before Swine, an influential[1] psychedelic folk rock group of the late 1960s...


Ulrich Forman

Ulrich Forman Ulrich Forman Nouvel album Chapter III – A Perfect Storm Sortie prévue en 2018 Après avoir dévoilé il y a quelques mois sa tendre et puissante balade ”All I Want”, Ulrich Forman sort ces jours-ci...



Samuele Samuele 1er album : Les filles sages vont au paradis. Les autres vont où elles veulent. Sortie le 2/03/18 chez In Tempo En tournée française en mars Après avoir sorti au Canada  Les...


The HyVibe Guitar

The HyVibe Guitar Greetings fellow guitarists! Thanks for all your kind and enthusiastic messages. We are just as excited as you are because we know that when people start playing the HyVibe Guitar, the way we...


Johannes Linstead infos

Johannes Linstead                 Johannes Linstead strums to great heights with his latest release “Be My Girl” His guitar style, exquisite. His vocals, absolutely amazing. His latest CD...

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