CHICK COREA Dear musicians, friends and fans of Chick,

Dear musicians, friends and fans of Chick,

When you’ve worked with Chick for a while, you find out he’s all about the fun! And to add to the fun of the upcoming Chick Corea Music Workshop, we’ve got a party to invite you to.

When you enroll for the upcoming Chick Corea Music Workshop by 11:59 p.m. Pacific on March 21 – you’ll be invited to the hippest of all parties, the “A-list” after-party of the year – The After-Workshop Hang with Chick. Live, online and interactive.

Hang out after the workshop and relax with Chick and gang:

  • Bonus jams with Chick and the band – including Chick on drums. You’ve GOT to see Chick play drums.
  • The inside story behind Chick’s amazing Rhodes and Minimoog sounds.
  • Ask Chick open-ended questions about his career, his favorite albums, his influences, whatever you want to ask. Go ahead, go off-topic.
  • Wherever else the moment takes us …

Like any “after-party,” it’s exclusive. If you’ve already enrolled for Chick’s upcoming workshop, you’re in.

And if you haven’t enrolled for Chick’s workshop yet, and you want to be at the after-party with the rest of the “A-listers” register for the workshop NOW …

Things just keep getting better and better.

Your in music,


P.S. We’ll take a short break after the final day of the workshop for you to change into your party clothes. I’m wearing a tux. Just saying.


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