Jean Paul

Over the past three years after creating and spending well over 600 hours building the content
of there have been so many successes.  I’ve been able to reach an audience
of Blues lovers all over the world and provide this free resource offering Blues music and education.
We have around 10,000 people that follow us through email and social media and the website has recieved
nearly 1,000,000 visits.  It’s really amazing and I’ve received so many wonderful emails from people expressing
how much they appreciate what I’m doing and it really means so much to me.

But there are two sides to every coin and the Blues will always be there so I’ll share mine with you
openly and honestly.  The yearly cost of keeping this website going is $600- which includes web hosting,
email service, domain registration and legal fees. The website has brought in a little bit of money from the ads
on the site but not nearly enough to cover the annual costs of running the site.  I can’t afford to pay these expenses out
of my own pocket.

Last year I asked you all for donations around this time of year and so many of you helped
out and your support made this past year possible.  If you are able to donate any amount of money to
help us out for the next year please do so by clicking the link below.  Every dollar will go to keeping the website up and running and
making it even better.  Any amount can add up and help.  If you’re not able to give money please don’t worry or
feel bad, believe me I understand, and continue to enjoy this website and tell your friends about us.  Thank you all so
much for the support in the past three years and I hope we can continue for many more! 

With much Blues Love,


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