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On July 16 the world will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. In honor of this extraordinary achievement, the band has been invited to perform a unique show at the Kennedy Space Center’s spectacular Rocket Garden. Accompanied by a 40-piece choir and 16 members of the Brevard Symphony orchestra, the band will play a special full-length set, developed specifically for the event. An out-of-this-world drone light show by Studio Drift of ‘Franchise Freedom’ in partnership with Intel, will take place during part of the concert. Profits from the concert will benefit the STEAM education programs of the non-profit Aldrin Family Foundation. Tickets are now on sale at the Kennedy Space Center’s website.

In addition, the band added another date to the Duran Duran touring calendar for 2019: The Show at Agua Caliente Rancho Mirage, September 5, 2019!

There are now seven dates total on the West Coast in September. Visit duranduran.comfor information and tickets.

We were lucky to have amazing photographers at the June Duran Duran shows in Iceland and Denmark. Check them out on the band’s Insta page.

The band added ALL the videos from AS THE LIGHTS GO DOWN to their YouTube Page – “Careless Memories,” “Girls on Film,” “Seventh Stranger,” “New Religion” and more. Watch them all here.

Both Nick and John had June birthdays, both were in the Kafe on the Fan Community site and both left birthday messages for fans. Listen to Nick’s here and John’s here.

Speaking of the Fan Community, Members got early access to buy tickets to all the upcoming shows (even the Space Center one!), some cool Q&As to read, the amazing NEW Gold package, a discount in the web shop and, of course, the latest Katy’s Kafes! Make sure your membership is up-to-date!


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