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I want to thank my awesome friends for being so patient concerning the “PRE-ORDERS” for our Re-Mastered Version of “INTENSE DEFENSE”. These will not be available in any other market as I have been granted the FULL RIGHTS from RCA Records for my album. It is truly one of the finest Rock Records of our time is I may say. Just listen to this “NON MASTERED” version of the album & be prepared for such a powerful difference. Hang in there my friends….as I am still working on it.




I am so deeply “Sorry” that “THE JOSHUA PERAHIA BAND” web page was down for over a month, as I was not aware of this matter. I was away on business when this all came down. It is back up again as my web designer….Joe Schroeder at “Live Remote Support.Net” found the issues & got us back on line. Though he was able to find the failure at my brothers & sisters out there were not able to order our 7 CD’s at The Homepage. This includes our newly RE-MASTERED & DIGITALLY ENHANCED album called INTENSE DEFENSE. This mighty & beloved album on RCA Records has been available for “Pre-Sales” to my friends & fans only on our web site. It has taken many months to add more instruments to enhance the sound of the band while a necessary Re-Mastering process was completed by Wyn Davis of Total Access Studios to bring this album up to the best standard of musical excellence. It has taken much longer than expected to complete this project because the Original Album Artwork has been duplicated at a great expense that was not counted on. For those of you who have patiently purchased pre-orders…..we are including a rare JOSHUA BAND button from 1983 & 1984 along with an autographed CD. This button is valued at over $120 on Ebay. The price of the CD itself just covers the cost of the manufacturer. It is my pleasure to thank you all for being so understanding. Thank you all for waiting & not saying a word. Remember….it has been called “The Greatest AOR album to ever be released”……The “International Rock Media”.

The third and long out of print album from the Christian melodic hard rock band. 320kps rip from my copy of…


My son Davey is working on a video to explain this song in more depth. This is one of my favorite songs I have ever written. So many people believe they are living “The Christian Life”…..yet miss all the blessed teaching in The Bible where so much “COMMON SENSE” is just passed on by. People are living “For The World” instead. We judge others, but miss the simplest of values that are right in your face. Issues like Abortion, Marital infidelity, Hating, Envy, Jealousy, Money Grubbing, Demanding, Mocking God, Manipulating, Lying, “Buying”, “Flying off to expensive vacations instead of helping Homeless people” or rather than giving back to God. No…..sometimes we are so busy “Living for Ourselves”…….we never live for Jesus. Millions of Catholic brothers & sisters voted for the “BABY MURDERING REPROBATE” Hillary Clinton who has no morals when it comes to killing the unborn, while Evangelicals are well known for accusing so many non-Evangelicals of “SINNING UP A STORM” with their “HOLIER THAN THOU” attitudes. I am Evangelical & witnessed this behavior daily. Stop “Living out a Lie”.

This is a song that asks The Almighty to take our burdens away when things get out of control. It happens to everyone, and God always come to the rescue……


Some great photography with up close camera’s that were mounted on my guitar & even on my fingers right at the end.

joshua perahia

These are the most special words I have written in a song about my faith, through long suffering and patience. I urge you all to find The Lord in these strange times of godlessness and selfish behavior. These lyrics mean more now than ever.

This is the title track to the band’s 2001 album by the same name. The video is a brand new 2007 production featuring original artwork by me. Steve…

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