Dear KoSA Family,
Please join us for some serious learning and fun at the 12th Annual 2014 KoSA Cuba Drum & Percussion Workshop & Havana Rhythm and Dance Festival (Fiesta del Tambor), Havana, Cuba – March 9-16, 2014
  • Participate in a thrilling, one week study program including activities and concerts of the “Havana Rhythm and Dance Festival”
  • Intensive hands-on daily classes with major Cuban artists, concerts, lectures, historical and cultural visits.
  • All instruments are supplied on site.
  • College Credit is available
  • Travel for U.S. Citizens is also available.
Please inquire via email (info@kosamusic.com) or by calling us at 514-482-5554 or 1-800-541-8401 orclick here to register
We could tell you more but Changuito, Piloto and others will tell you more in person!
There is no way to accurately describe KoSA Cuba in a way that can match the actual experienceof going.
My advice to anyone thinking of joining KOSA Cuba is: GO!! By taking the leap you will open and broaden your musical horizons. To put it simply, I loved it and recommend participation to anyone with an interest in percussion. KoSA CUBA was incredible and I hope to be able to return as soon as I can. Viva KoSA!!! 
– Jeff Salisbury, University of Vermont
KoSA Cuba has the capacity to change everything you thought you knew about Cuban music, the essence of the music, the progression of rhythm through human civilization and the exuberant joy master these musicians can channel through themselves to both participants and listeners alike.There’s no time like the present to join our KoSA CUBA team for an unrivaled week of music, rhythm and dance adventure…

The 2014 KoSA Cuba Drum & Percussion Workshop
& Havana Rhythm and Dance Festival (Fiesta del Tambor)
Havana, Cuba – March 9-16, 2014

We hope to have you join us in Havana in March.  Warm breezes, the hottest music, colorful nightlife and rhythm and dance you’ll never experience until your next KoSA Cuba!
– Aldo Mazza & Jolan Kovacs Mazza
Founders, KoSA Communications, Int’l

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