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ALLAN HOLDSWORTH – “FLATTire” (re-issue)

Re-issue of FLATTire – Music For A Non Existent Movie is available exclusively from MoonJune Records until the official release date on May 15.

For direct link to order the CD please go to => FLATTtire on MoonJune or on the CD image below.

For Digital Download (MP3-320FLAC and/or Apple Lossless), please go to => MoonJune’s BandCamp


MoonJune Records is once again proud to re-release another classicAllan Holdsworth album, FLATTire. The album is subtitled “Music From A Non-Existent Movie”, and easily qualifies as one of his most mysterious, yet introspective works. Originally released in 2001, the album had a small print run, received little notice and no fanfare. Comprised predominantly of performances played on his beloved SynthAxeHoldsworthdelivers a set of stunningly beautiful, emotional tunes. “I had just gone through a difficult divorce and was experiencing a lot of pain and feeling very lost and introspective”,Holdsworth said, when reflecting upon the circumstances which preceeded his making the album”. I had always wanted to compose music for movies, but had never been given the opportunity”, he elaborated. “Whenever I watch a movie I like to imagine what sort of music I might compose for a scene, to create a particular kind of atmosphere, because when I see something I hear something. So, while recording FLATTire I tried to create these imaginary movies in my head and then write themes for them.” In the same way that the more impressionistic and even orchestral-sounding compositions on FLATTire differ significantly from those on Holdsworth’s other albums, his performances and even his approach to playing his instrument also differed. “Most of the things I played weren’t particularly technical in the sense of requiring exceptional dexterity,” he explained. “They were all about the emotion and staying true to the concept of supporting visual images. That’s very different than making a normal record, where the focus is just on a piece of music and soloing within that. “While for more than a decade the original release has lingered in relative obscurity, this re-release finally provides a unique, essential work — from one of progressive music’s greatest masters — with the attention and distribution it deserves. The album is presented in digipak format, with some new, engaging liner notes written by Guitar Player MagazineBarry Cleveland (portions of which were used herein). Featuring a guest appearance on two tracks by the late, great jazz bassist, Dave Carpenter, FLATTire is an album completely unique in the Allan Holdsworthdiscography — highlighting an entirely different side of his creative persona, as well as his genius as an engineer and producer. Don’t miss out on this intimate personal statement from one of progressive music’s finest treasures.


MoonJune’s Sampler, click on the image for more info


Check Mr. MoonJune Recommends cross-promo compilations – Digital Download Extravaganza, each compilation for one dollar only, but if you can please donate more


Mr. MoonJune Recommends, Volume 1

Featuring: Chad Wackerman (w/Allan Holdsworth), Jan AkkermanElton Dean FreebeatAsaf SirkisMark WIngfieldJohn SundNicolas MeierMichel SajrawyNude Fox EnsembleBeppe CrovellaClaude Pauly,Dusan JevtovicKevin KastningBeledo,Ernesto Holman EtnojazzTrioGeoff Eales & IsorhythmMustafa Dönmez AtmosferClaudio Scolari w/Daniele CavalcaMarbinEl Trio.


Mr. MoonJune Recommends, Volume 2


Over the years I have received more than 1,500 albums from artists all around the world soliciting a CD release, trying to find a proper ‘home’ for their projects. I’ve done my best to answer every single solicitation, and to listen to every single album and demo, although I must admit that some of the listening was done in ‘fast-forward mode.’ I suggested to some of the artists that they approach other labels that might be more appropriate for their music, or that they self-release their albums, and some, simply I couldn’t afford and they are now on bigger labels.

Mr. MoonJune Recommends – Volume 1 & 2″ are 25-track compilations drawn from these submissions plus few tunes from few of my friends, legendary musicians or musicians with whom I have worked with. It features one track from each CD that over the past few years I have wanted, even yearned, to release on MoonJune but couldn’t for a variety of reasons: lack of time, the fact that the label can only release a limited number of albums per year, I’m busy on tour with a band, or involved with my other two businesses. Except for a few musicians who are known to fans of progressive music, most of these artists are only known in their own country or region, and some not even in their own city; however, they are all musicians whom I respect and whose music I dig.

The whole purpose of this compilation is to expose these musicians’ recently recorded music to the constantly growing MoonJune audience, and also to pay due respect to their artistry. Each track comes with complete information about the artist and the album from which the tune was selected, and most importantly a direct link to the artists’ sites where those albums can be purchased.

All the featured music represents in some way the philosophy of MoonJune Records – progressive music exploring the boundaries of jazz, rock, avant, ethno, and the unknown – and anything in between. In the world we live in, with its oversaturated music market, rapidly disappearing record stores, and a record business that ignores real musicianship, and with fewer and fewer outlets where quality progressive music can be exposed, it’s becoming more and more difficult for artists to be noticed unless they have a well-known legacy or they tour frequently and intensively, which many are unable to do.

This compilation (the first of many) is my tribute to these musicians and contribution to their cause. I hope that all who download and listen to this remarkable music can appreciate the artistry of these musicians and their determination to keep great music alive.

Note that the tunes chosen for this compilation do not necessarily represent the best tracks from the featured CDs; they’re purely my personal choice.

Both compilations have over three hrs of music and iis priced at only $1 (or more – whatever you would like to or can afford to pay) for 25 tunes. The tracks are downloadable in any (or all) of the following formats: MP3 320, FLAC, MP3 VBR (V0), AAC, Ogg Vorbis, or ALAC. If that list leaves you scratching your head, you probably want the default, MP3 320, which will play back beautifully in iTunes, Windows Media Player, your iPod, etc.

More info on downloading procedure:

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Mr. MoonJune

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