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Boasting a stellar lineup of modern jazz icons Larry GoldingsBob MintzerJimmy Johnson and Peter Erskine, Indonesian guitar maestroDewa Budjana‘s sixth solo album (his second for MoonJune Records) is a progressive jazz master-class session of epic proportions. Overflowing with moments of elegance, grace, depth and invention, Joged Kahyangan is Dewa’s musical interpretation of the beauty of heaven. Featuring eight exquisitely-crafted, -arranged and -executed gems, Budjana and friends have raised the bar for the genre; each song is performed with a profound sensitivity and diction unquestionably worthy of the project’s lofty ambitions. With all of the album’s legendary participants clearly in top form – delivering stirring, superlative performances throughout – the net result is as immensely satisfying as it is astounding and solidifies Dewa Budjana‘s rightful place among the world’s most elite musicians and the genre’s most original and compelling newly-emerging voices. It is an intricately-woven tapestry of supreme modern jazz, eclipsing borders as it transports listeners to truly heavenly destinations.This is opulent, visionary modern jazz at its very finest.

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MoonJune has released back in January 2013 another album of Dewa Budjana, (click on ==>)Dawai In Paradise.

Budjana”s fifth solo album, Dawai In Paradise, explores his vast, diverse array of guitar stylings in a host of fresh, powerful, intriguing musical settings. A showcase of astounding, brilliant music is performed by a host of great musicians — including Grammy-winning artists drummer Peter Erskine (Weather Report; Steps Ahead) and multi-instrumentalist Howard Levy (Bela Fleck & The Flectones), the renowned Indonesian jazz keyboardist and producer, Indra Lesmana, his Indonesian contemporary, celebrated young pianist Ade Irawan, and the late legendary jazz bassist, Dave Carpenter — with proceedings decorated beautifully by the Bali native’s masterful strokes and deft touch. Ranging from the bold and adventurous to the gracefully elegant, Budjana‘s playing bounces from the frantic urgency of a Fripp or McLaughlin to the organic intimacy of a Metheny or Towner with equal ease and fluidity. Previously unexplored waters are navigated with an adroit leisure, as his bountiful skills as both a composer and improviser are clearly on display. His international debut is chocked full of surprises, and it’s elegance and repose belies the enormity of the album’s ambition. Dawai In Paradise is a celebration of life through music. Like the paradise of Budjana‘s native Bali, its beauty is equally compelling and awe-inspiring.

MJR053simakDIALOG “The 6th Story”


MJR047-LLIGRO – “Dictionary 2”
MJR015simakDIALOG – “Patahan”
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