Sadistic Embodiment new album Blood Spell” Out September 18th, 2020

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New Album “Blood Spell” Out September 18th, 2020 via CDN Records

L-R – Bryan James Newbury (Drums); Jason Cullen (Rhythm Guitar); Wally Fischer (Lead Guitar); Curtis Vieville (Bass)
Photo Credit: Danika Challand AKA Demonika

Canada’s Sadistic Embodiment will be unleashing their new album “Blood Spell” on September 18th via CDN Records. Prior to its official release, the band has teamed up with MetalInjection for the record’s full stream premiere, which can be heard HERE.

Sadistic Embodiment‘s new full length “Blood Spell” follows the band’s three EPs Beloved Imprisonment (2019), Blodörn (2018), and Self-Titled (2018). Continuing their sonic onslaught, each of the nine songs on “Blood Spell” has a distinct feel given the variation in vocal and instrumental styles throughout the album. Each song stands out and yet they are all uniquely Sadistic Embodiment. This will please old school death metallers and the new school with a variety of punch-in-your-face hooks, melodic passages, and absolutely brutal anthemic choruses.

The band comments:

“After spitting out three EPs this last couple of years, we were really stoked and kind of nervous settling into a longer writing and recording process for Blood Spell. As per usual, we cranked out the material during bi-monthly jams, but this time we really took our time crafting the music once the main structure of the songs was built. Our sound is still exactly the same, but the listeners may hear more broad musical influences across the nine tracks.  There are tracks that sound distinctively Wally and Jason and certain tracks where you really hear Bryan shine as he shows off his technical prowess.

A lot of our songs are longer than your average death metal track, and they are relatively simple in regards to guitar and lyrical work. But with longer playtime, we were able to fit in more ambiance and guitars solos into every nook and cranny.”

“Blood Spell” will be available as of September 18, 2020 on all major digital platforms along with being available on CD from CDN Records here.

Lyric Video – Catherine’s Braid – YouTube
Lyric Video – Gallows Hill – YouTube
Lyric Video – Phantom Tormentor – YouTube

Track Listing:
1. Stranger (4:41)
2. Gallows Hill (5:33)
3. Catherine’s Braid (6:03)
4. Phantom Tormentor (4:41)
5. Nebulae (Call of the Void) (2:48)
6. Suicide Ceremony (3:09)
7. Global Enema (4:06)
8. Flesh Deposition (5:37)
9. Cerebral Termination (5:26)
Album Length: 42:08

Sadistic Embodiment is:
Bryan James Newbury (Drums)
Jason Cullen (Rhythm Guitar)
Curtis Vieville (Bass)
Wally Fischer (Lead Guitar)

For more info:


The sadistic death metal quartet was originally conceived in Edmonton, Alberta. Although all Edmonton born half of the group now resides in Calgary, travelling frequently to join the others in crafting extreme musical works. Each member brings their own distinct flair to the music, live theatrics, and social media content.

Drummer Bryan Newbury (also known from Into Eternity, Untimely Demise) formed the project in the fall of 2017 by inviting Curtis Vieville and Helge Lipphardt to jam simple and catchy death metal. A couple of months later, Jason Cullen joined the group and then Nate Mandrusiak joined shortly thereafter, forming the five-piece that produced their Self-Titled (March 30th, 2018) and Blodørn (September 8th, 2018) EPs. Curtis Vieville left to travel for the summer of 2018, leaving the band to record bass and vocals for the Blodørn release on his behalf.

During the late fall of 2018, the group parted ways with Helge Lipphardt and brought on Curtis’ old bandmate Wally Fischer. Continuing their relentless musical onslaught the group wrote and released the EP Beloved Imprisonment on January 31st, 2019, showcasing their evolved sound. But the work was far from over and after a few gigs; the group began work constructing their first full-length album. During that period the band parted ways with their singer Nate in early 2020, and from thereafter the group became a three-pronged vocal assault team.

Completing their work in the spring of 2020, the milestone album “Blood Spell” was finally realized. As if sensing the impending debut, CDN Records approached the band with a record deal just as the final touches were being completed. And thus Sadistic Embodiment joined the CDN Records family.

Each release from Sadistic Embodiment grows in depth and complexity while maintaining simple and heavy death metal passages. They pride themselves on having catchy choruses intermixed with powerful and epic melodies. The newest material exhibits dark soundscapes with a lot of variation in song type and feel. Listen closely and you will find evil and pain lurking in the mix

“Blood Spell” is due out September 18, 2020 via CDN Records.


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