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For fans of Arkona, Korpiklaani, Windir, Nightwish, Turisas, Skyforger

Protokult’s New Music Video “Troubled Lad (Slainte Mhaith)”

Premiere via MetalInjection

New Album “Transcending The Ruins” Out October 1st, 2020

L-R: Dawid (Bass), Kaveh Afshar (Percussion), Ekaterina (Vocals, Woodwinds), Martin Drozd (Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizer), Jack Neila (Rhythm and Lead Guitar)

Protokult have been defining folk/pagan metal since 2009 when they released their debut album “Ancestral Anthems”, since then they have created three additional uncompromising and relentless albums with their fifth “Transcending The Ruins” coming out on October 1, 2020.

Over two years in the making, “Transcending The Ruins” is a rush, meant to be enjoyed either as a whole journey or at any entry point, the band ensures. Approaching this record with a bit more maturity and consistency, the result is heavier, faster, darker.

Inspired and fascinated by various metal genres alongside folk-culture, after a few years of experimenting, Protokult was meant to fuse the two together while paying homage to the past, Bacchanalian festivities and honouring the underground.

For fans of Arkona, Korpiklaani, and Nightwish, the record pulsates from start to finish yet incorporates the massive dynamics, ambience and dashes of folk-melodies that the band has become known for.

Before “Transcending The Ruins” officially releases, the band is sharing the music video for their second single “Troubled Lad (Slainte Mhaith)”, which can be viewed and heard via its premiere on MetalInjection HERE.

The band adds:

“This song a brief account of our former Irish-Canadian keyboardist who had to leave the band in order to pursue his Gaelic studies at Harvard. He was and is dearly missed and this song deals with integrating into modern multicultural society, particularly those who have multiple backgrounds/ethnicities.”

Protokult‘s first single “Feed Your Demons” can be heard at the following links:
YouTube (Music Video)

“Transcending The Ruins” will be out on October 1, 2020. Album pre-order on Bandcamp.

Track Listing:
1. Mark Of Thunder (6:45)
2. Feed Your Demons (6:25)
3. 1516 (Keeper of the Hops) (3:58)
4. Oy Kanada (5:29)
5. Troubled Lad (Slainte Mhaith) (4:30)
6. Na Gryanoi Nedele (1:47)
7. Rusalka (6:17)
8. Valley of Thorns (7:45)
9. Wenches (4:23)
10. Greet The Dawn (6:09)
11. Dead New World (15:23)
Album Length: 1:08:57

Album Credits:
• All songs performed by: Protokult
• All songs written by: Martin Drozd, Ekaterina
• Produced by: Protokult, Darren Mcgill
• Mixed by: Darren Mcgill
• Mastered by: Tyler Williams
• Album Artwork by: Marie Cherniy
• Member of SOCAN
• Canadian Content (MAPL)

Album Band Line Up:
Martin Drozd – guitar, vocals, keyboards, additional percussion, jawharp
Ekaterina Pyatkova- vocals, recorder,
Kaveh Afshar – drums
Jack Neila – rhythm and lead guitar
Dave Slowiak – bass, gang vocals

Live Band Line Up:
Martin Drozd – guitar and vocals
Dave Slowiak – bass and backup vocals
Ekaterina – vocals, recorder and synth
Jack Neila – guitar
Kaveh Afshar – drums

Guest musicians:
Quinn Strahl – electric violin
Matt Hilden (Vesication) – vocals
Joe Feral- vocals
Jesse Harvey (Ammo) – vocals
Cristina Marcu – operatic vocals
Ewelina Ferenc- folk vocals

Corktown trans-choir:
Jason Adamo, Geoff Hodsman, Andrei Sin, Davey White, Matt Hilden, Oliver Salathiel

For more info:

As interests in history, paganism and folklore took an increasingly strong hold on folk metallers Protokult, they were inspired to unleash their debut album, “Ancestral Anthems” in 2009. With the first two pressings selling out in months, they vowed to take things to the next level while continuing to deliver a unique mix of Canadian and international influences. In 2011, they released their next offering, the EP “Marzena”, then followed by sophomore album “No Beer In Heaven” that was widely praised for its hooky fun-loving anthems, especially the single “Get Me A Beer!”.

Protokult’s goal? To unite its members’ diverse cultures into one sound, balancing tradition and folklore with heavy, thrash, and black metal for headbangers everywhere.

Over the past few years, the ever-evolving Protokult has graced the stage with the likes of Arkona, Turisas, Alestorm, Gloryhammer, Tengger Cavalry, Cellar Darling (X-Eluveitie) and Razor.

With beauty and the beast-like contrast between Ekaterina’s haunting vocals and the band’s metal rampage, they are ready to unveil their third full-length “Transcending The Ruins”, which is slated for release on October 1st, 2020. The album captures the reformed quintet at an all-time high, showcasing an impressive palette of powerful riffs, glorious onslaughts, and essentially reminds us, why we love heavy metal and it’s darker atmospheric shades.

– 30 –

“they’ve got a good sense of humor, and they sound top-notch” – Metal Sucks

“boozy blast of heathen prog” – Team Rock  

“Le metal a du talent.”  – Metal France

“a superb album. Protokult gives folk-metal a new nice dimension. Their progressive folk-metal approach is a very delicious one. Don’t let the ‘beer-titles’ fool you, the band goals are far beyond beer-humpaa. They’re far more serious, despite of the sometimes quite merry tunes. This is one of the best folk-metal albums I’ve heard this year” –

“Let’s mark the list down, shall we: Awesome Folk music spanning different areas of sound and direction, check! Creative and art work based around an old fashioned beer hall, check! And last, but certainly not least, BEER themed music!!!!.” – Metal Temple

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For fans of Royal Blood, Arctic Monkeys, Highly Suspect, Clutch, Fu Manchu

Handsome Pants Is Here To Get Your Unstuck With Energetic, Peppy “Rut”

Premiere Single via TheObelisk

L-R: Jordan Nodwell – Bass, Chuck Smith – Harmonica, Kyle Nodwell – Drums, Andrew Bateman – Guitar, Vocals
Photo Credit – Zac Sanford

Handsome Pants is the kind of band that shows up to a gig dressed haphazardly in mismatched Value Village clothes they picked out for each other. The kind of band that doesn’t take themselves seriously just wants to rock out and have a good time with their fans. Handsome Pants proves fun does not be sacrificed to make lively, highly creative music.

Loud and obnoxious is the name of the game for Handsome Pants and the rambunctious uniqueness really shines through with their new single, “Rut” which follows a concept that a lot of people are familiar with. The feeling of being stuck in a rut and turning to alcohol. The band explains the single in more depth:

“Rut is the second release in our early existence as a band. This song is something Andrew has been sitting on for a long time and rewriting lyrics. Finally finding the right content and lyrics putting it together at this time seems perfect. It seems to relate to a lot of people right now and what they are going through with the pandemic and everything else happening right now.”

The most mainstream track the band has to date still holds on to its originality with the layered vocals and prominent harmonica.

“Rut” is suitable for all kinds of rock radio, it’s punchy and tight, for fans of Royal Blood, Highly Suspect, and Clutch, Handsome Pants is just getting started and anticipates more music coming down the pipe.

Listen to “Rut” via its premiere on HERE.

More info:

Emerging from the remnant of another band, Jordan Nodwell (bass), Kyle Nodwell (drums), and Andrew Bateman (guitar/vocals), created Handsome Pants to get the fulfillment they missed. Looking to add something a little extra, they found Chuck Smith who rocks the harmonica, bringing with him a unique and different element that is layered with effect and not the conventional lyric or style.

Bateman has historically written the majority of ideas for songs and of late Smith and Nodwell have come up with song good song ideas. Once the idea is brought to the table the rest of the band throws in ideas and parts that make the song better and sometimes an unseen turn around on the song for the better.

Loud, and obnoxious, Handsome Pants is the kind of band that plays a gig clad in loud thrift store clothes they picked out for each other. Fun, lively and no pretentious attitudes is half of the Handsome Pants formula, the other being unique, punchy, and tight music for listeners of all kinds.

Handsome Pants is currently not focused on completing an album, just making good music on their time, song by song.

– 30 –

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For fans of Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Katatonia, The Contortionist, King Crimson

The Reticent Streaming Concept Album “The Oubliette”; A Tale of Man’s Battle With Alzheimer’s Disease

Album Stream Premiere via TheProgSpace

New Album “The Oubliette” Out September 25th via Heaven & Hell Records

North Carolina conceptual metal proggers The Reticent will be releasing their new album entitled “The Oubliette” via Heaven & Hell Records on September 25th. Produced again by Jamie King (BTBAM, The Contortionist, Scale The Summit), the album tells a tale of man’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Before it officially drops, the band wants to share this story with the full length’s stream premiere on TheProgSpace HERE

“The Oubliette” follows the band’s critically acclaimed 2016 release “On The Eve Of A Goodbye”, which was an autobiographical concept record that chronicled the day before, day of, and the day after the suicide of band founder Chris Hathcock’s childhood friend Eve. Critics and fans of the record alike were moved by the compelling narrative and heartrending performances along with the band’s award-winning live performances that are both an audiovisual and emotional experience that utilizes film, story-telling, and the sheer intensity of the music.

Even though the recording of “The Oubliette” was delayed four times due to a severe injury to Hathcock’s right arm (the deltoid bursa to be exact), he was able to perform all instruments on the full length, he actually began lining up players to fill in for him as doctors told him he may be endangering his arm’s functionality if he didn’t take an extended break from playing. Luckily, rest allowed him to recuperate enough to complete the record. Although, the process was slowed because he was in pain the entire time. Every recording session began with him taking at least 800 mg of Ibuprofen to make it through.

Finally completing “The Oubliette”, The Reticent shares another stirring autobiographical tale, this time about the tragedy of Alzheimer’s disease. The album follows the journey of an old man named Henry, which is based upon a relative of songwriter Chris Hathcock who’s real name was Cyrus. The name Henry was chosen as a somewhat more universal name, but also because Henry was one of the Alzheimer’s patients featured prominently in the documentary “Alive Inside”. The concept of the album is to demonstrate Henry’s descent through the seven stages of Alzheimer’s.  He doesn’t know where he is or why he’s there.  He doesn’t remember his wife is dead.  He doesn’t recognize his son.  Step by step the disease takes his memories, his ability to speak, his ability to walk, his ability to breathe.  The music of “The Oubliette” traverses styles as divergent as jazz and black metal all within the framework of emotionally driven progressive metal.  With each track sonically independent from its predecessor, the album moves the listener from experience to experience, vague memories to dreams and nightmares all toward its heartbreaking finale. Fans and critics alike will be very eager to sink their teeth into another intense emotional outpouring of progressive metal.

Chris Hathcock adds:

“As with my previous album, I hope that ‘The Oubliette’ will provide listeners with a rich and emotionally challenging audio experience.  This is undoubtedly the most ambitious record The Reticent has attempted to date.  The hope is that listeners will be personally affected by the music on a deep level and that it may draw some attention to a disease that is frighteningly prominent but frequently poorly understood.  There will be moments that are soothing and there will be moments that are overwhelming.  The story I have to tell is not a happy one but it is an important one – and it is often through the pain that we find the most profound reflection and calls to action.”  

“The Oubliette” is due out via Heaven & Hell Records on September 25, 2020.

Album Pre-Order HERE.

Music Video – Stage 2: The Captive – YouTube

Track Listing:
1. Stage 1 – His Name Is Henry (9:46)
2. Stage 2 – The Captive (6:00)
3. Stage 3 – The Palliative Breath (7:13)
4. Stage 4 – The Dream (11:47)
5. Stage 5 – The Nightmare (12:14)
6. Stage 6 – The Oubliette (10:38)
7. Stage 7 – ________ (6:10)
Album Length: 1:03:50

Album Band Line Up:
Chris Hathcock – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drums, Vocals, Additional Percussion
James Nelson – Lead Guitars

Live Band Line Up:
Chris Hathcock – Vocals, Guitar
James Nelson – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Cliff Stankiewicz – Bass
Mitch Moore – Drums

– 30 –

“it’s clear that this is a very personal story from Chris Hathcock. He poured his heart and soul into the concept, and the way the tracks flowed, the story is very real and vivid. Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease, because it mostly affects the patient’s loved ones more than the patient himself. It’s a long process of slowly letting go, until the disease claims another victim. This process is carefully matriculated through music here, and it’s something all fans of music will want to experience. Especially considering the number of us who have been affected in one way or another by this ravaging disease. 9/10” – Metal Temple

“Prog’s most emotionally gutwrenching one-man band returns with plenty more feels… The Oubliette is the next album released under The Reticent‘s name, and tells the story of the protagonist Henry’s decline as a result of Alzheimer’s disease, heavy subject matter again inspired by life experience of Hathcock. The Reticent‘s track record for dealing with such serious subject matter was promising, and with The Oubliette they deliver on said promise.” – Metal Storm

“The Reticent have delivered a narrative masterpiece… I give 10 out of 10 bangs” – Rock

“In a way, Chris pulled off the perfect fusion of PINK FLOYD’s The Wall and Operation Mindcrime by QUEENSRYCHE, all treated with the sensitivity of a modern Crossover between OPETH and EDGE OF SANITY. We obviously recognize the paw of Neal Morse and Steven Wilson in the most complex and melodic parts, but this fourth LP of the master arises in synthesis of the modern progressive.” –

“The Oubliette – being a true concept album – follows the 7 stages of Alzheimer’s. And – by that same token – tries to portray the emotions of the afflicted. In a way, this record is like one of those deep, dark, gleamy chocolate cakes. The ones that look at you with ominous malevolence, just before the evil clown jumps out. This thing is so full of psychological horrors and innuendo that – after a few listens – you start getting the jitters. Not because of the clown, of course, but because all of that has the ring of truth to it. And worse, the disease could hit you, too. Because there’s no defense.” – Rock Music Raider

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Calgary Prog Metal Illuminated Minerva Streaming New Album “Enigma Adamantine”

Album Stream Premiere via TheCirclePit

L-R: Pat Lawtey (Guitar) | Matt Petti (Bass) | Nathan Bourgeault (Guitar) | Jordon Bourgeault (Drums)
Photo Credit – Chris Aune

Calgary, Canada’s Illuminated Minerva is unleashing their emotional, turbulent full-length “Enigma Adamantine” on Friday, September 25, 2020. Ahead of the release, they are thrilled to entice the world with the album’s full stream premiere via TheCirclePit HERE.

The band blends together heavy riffs, groovy bass and psychedelic melodies, and in lieu of vocals, archived audio clips resulting in oratory artistic storytelling. The concept album is five long songs, each one uniquely contributing to the overall theme of the album. Fans of the band’s 2014 debut EP “The Immaculate Deception” will notice a divergence from the ambient and electronic focus towards heavier and more technical songwriting.

Illuminated Minerva shares their thoughts on the new offering:

“‘Enigma Adamantine’ is an instrumental progressive metal album based around conspiracy, UFOs, and abductions. A musical examination of modern mythology laid out with hard-hitting bass grooves, technical guitar lines, soaring leads, and complex drumming matched with audio from years past to present an auditory mirror reflecting our deepest fears and questions yet to be answered. An album experience as unique as the stories within. We hope all that explore it, will enjoy it.”

Being instrumental sets the band apart from most other bands as it makes it easier to appeal to a broader spectrum of people and those with an interest in Tool, Mastodon and Sikth will find Illuminated Minerva especially enjoyable.

Album pre-order / pre-save on BandcampApple MusicSpotify.

Music Video “Sightings” HERE.

Track Listing:
1. Heart Beat of Creation (9:48)
2. Sightings (5:08)
3. Abductions (7:05)
4. Wilder (Mother Goddess) (8:37)
5. Illuminatus Majoris (13:03)
Album Length: 43:44

For more info:


Illuminated Minerva is a technical, progressive metal band, from Calgary, Canada. Brothers Nathan Bourgeault (guitar) and Jordon Bourgeault (drums) were both musicians growing up and eventually started their first project Sequoia, the beginning of their musical collaboration. Eventually, they moved on to form Illuminated Minerva, with a goal to push the musical boundaries further.

Rounding the lineup out is local scene veteran Matt Petti (bass) who played with drummer Jordon Bourgeault in Verbal Deception; and Pat Lawtey (guitar) who played with the international act Kobra and the Lotus.

The bond between brothers and former bandmates results in a very natural writing process for the progressive metal quartet. Knowing what works and what doesn’t comes easily and allows the band to intertwine astral riffs, and technical harmonies highlighted by the absence of vocals. Combined with archived audio clips the result is oratory artistic storytelling taking the listener through space and time, exploring conspiracies and unanswered questions.

With a captivating and visceral live show, the seasoned musicians of Illuminated Minerva have played with a host of bands locally including Tesseract, Intronaut, and Cloudkicker. In 2014, the band released their debut EP “The Immaculate Deception” and are following it up in 2020 with a full length “Enigma Adamantine” due out Sept 25th.

– 30 –

“Canadian Prog-Metallers ILLUMINATED MINERVA Question the Existence of Extraterrestrial Life In New Single “Sightings”” – Sonic Perspectives

“The drums provide an off-kilter atomic clock, complete with jazzy accents and jackhammer snare, the guitars shred and squeal. It’s thought-provoking, musically captivating, and will inspire the curious among you to do some research.” – Beatroute

“There is an almost feral quality to their work, and when they all hit it hard, it is intense.” – The Western Front


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For fans of Motorhead, Lamb of God, Pantera, DevilDriver

Vancouver Double Bassist Heavy Metal SAINTS OF DEATH

Protest Earth’s Destruction From Corporate Greed In Lyric Video “Watching Me Die”

Premiere via TheCirclePit

New Album “Ascend To The Throne” Out Now!

Photo Credit: Kevin Eisenlord Photography

L-R – Juan Helluva – 5 String Bass/Backup Vocals, Ashley Blue – 6 String Guitar/Backup Vocals,
Twan Holliday – Vocals/8 String Bass, Christopher James – Drums

Unleashing their new album “Ascend To The Throne” this past July via Head Rattle Productions INC., Vancouver’s Saints of Death are sharing with fans their new lyric video for the track “Watching Me Die”. The song is about the destruction of the Earth by corporate greed.

“Watching You, Me, humanity, and Mother Earth die to the hands of unjust corporations and tyrannical governments.” adds the band.

For fans of Pantera, DevilDriver, and Arch Enemy, you can check out Saints of Death’s new lyric video with its double bassist assault via its premiere on TheCirclePit HERE.

Saints of Death
‘s new album “Ascend To The Throne” is a 7 track ripping and cohesive released and the second in the Saints of Death repertoire following the 2015 self-titled EP. With a different lineup than the debut effort, Saints of Death now boasts a more robust group that is tighter, more aggressive, and more melodic than ever before along with still featuring their signature sound of having two bassists.

The band comments:

“This album has been a long time coming, and we look forward to getting it into the ears of our fans, new and old alike. After dealing with line up issues for a few years, we finally have a solid line up and are back to kicking ass. The current line up has been together since 2018 and we have really gelled as friends and as band members. Naturally, with this kind of chemistry going on, it was finally time to record a new album.

Like the first EP, there is diversity between each song, allowing each of them to stand out as hard-hitting singles. There is also the consistency that allows the songs to come together as a great album. We talk about important topics such as the trials of society, corruption and corporate greed, mental health as well as a few other topics on this album. Saints put a lot of hard work and passion crafting this album and making it what it is and we’re excited to share it with the world!”

“Ascend To The Throne” is available on Bandcamp, SpotifyApple Music.

Music Video “You Can’t Run” HERE.
Music Video “Repentance” HERE.
Lyric Video “Ascend To The Throne” HERE.
Lyric Video “God Can’t Help You” HERE.
Lyric Video “Soldiers of Metal” HERE.

Fun Fact: Besides being a musician vocalist/bassist Twan Holliday has acting credits for movies American Mary (2012), The Devils Ground (2009) w/ Darryl Hanna, Stan Helsing (2009) (Leslie Neielson’s last movie), Catwoman (2004) w/ Halle Barry, Psych (TV Show) plus has done stunts on Super Natural (TV Show) and Pathfinder (2007). Twan was also a pro-hard-core wrestler of 10 years and was on TV every Saturday at 1 pm on KVOS TV12 (Bellingham, WA) plus was asked to train for WWE.

Track Listing:
1. Call of The Kings (1:45)
2. Ascend To The Throne (3:42)
3. Watching Me Die (2:51)
4. God Can’t Help You Now (3:44)
5. Repentance (5:13)
6. You Can’t Run (2:55)
7. Soldiers of Metal (5:56)
Album Length: 26:10

For more info:

– 30 –

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Earth’s Yellow Sun Shares Next Animated Video “Part IV – Bastion” For 5th Anniversary of “The Infernal Machine”

“The Infernal Machine” Celebrates 5 Years!

Re-release EP Tracks w/ Animated Videos

Top L-R Brian Dhari (Tenor Sax), Josh Hanff (Guitars), Chris Bruder (Keyboards)

Bottom L-R Duncan Stan (Bass), Julien Bigras (Drums), Murray Heaton (Alto Sax)

Photo Cred: Michele Dalgarno, Samantha Carcasole, Eric Soto

Five years ago Toronto’s Earth’s Yellow Sun released their sophomore EP “The Infernal Machine”. Now to celebrate the anniversary of that EP, they are re-releasing the tracks in the form of animated videos. The band has unleashed three videos over the last two months, “Part I – Assembly”“Part II – Unveiling” and “Part III – Betrayal”. Today, the band unveil their fourth video for the track “Part IV – Bastion”, continuing the next chapter of their illustrated story.

The band explains the track:

“Part IV – Bastion: Our human civilization faces a massive onslaught and many deaths brought on by this mechanized terror that they’ve unleashed on themselves.  They are forced to retreat into remote areas and regroup for a hail mary last-ditch effort at bringing down the machine that has only brought them violence and destruction.”

The animated video for “Part IV – Bastion” can be viewed HERE.

Previous videos:
“Part III – Betrayal” HERE.
“Part II – Unveiling” HERE.
“Part I – Assembly” HERE.

Earth’s Yellow Sun‘s concept EP The Infernal Machine” is the perfect soundtrack to these videos, the premise lying in a futuristic society, the dependency on technology and artificial intelligence, and the conflict that arises between man and machine. Guitarist Josh Hanff shares his excitement for this project:

The release in question, The Infernal Machine was actually released exactly five years ago, but we are releasing this comic book video concept for the five-year anniversary.  The project has been in the works between myself and a couple of artists since the actual EP was completed, and we’re really excited to be able to finally show our fans (and potential fans) the story behind the music, which was always in my mind (and my co-producer’s mind) as we created the EP back in 2014/2015. “

An incredible mix of guitars, saxophone, choir, violins, and a heavy rhythm section, Earth’s Yellow Sun is difficult to label yet easy to enjoy. Recommended for fans of Periphery, Dream Theater, and Animals as Leaders.

To hear “The Infernal Machine” in full, please visit the following links on EarthsYellowSun.bandcamp.comApple MusicSpotify

Track Listing:
1. Part I – Assembly (6:09)
2. Part II – Unveiling (2:58)
3. Part III – Betrayal (3:31)
4. Part IV – Bastion (3:12)
5. Part V – Rapture (7:14)
Album Length: 23:06

For more info:


Difficult to Label; Easy to Enjoy

We are Earth’s Yellow Sun, an instrumental band hailing from Toronto, Canada. While often described as “progressive metal”, you’ll quickly find that it’s not so simple to label us – our unique approach to writing music is unlike anything you’ve heard before. Blending a crushingly heavy rhythm section with soaring melodic saxophone lines and funky organ pads, Earth’s Yellow Sun is like the love child of Periphery and Snarky Puppy that you didn’t know you needed in your life.

Our most recent release “Under the Covers” features our cover arrangements of three songs from vastly different corners of the musical world, featuring collaborations with some talented vocalists. From the progressive rock realm, we cover Rush’s “Overture 2112/The Temples of Syrinx”, featuring the incredible Rody Walker of Protest the Hero. From jazz territory, we cover pianist Tigran Hamasyan’s instrumental rhythmic mind-bender “Entertain Me”. And from the pop world, we cover the Backstreet Boys hit “Larger Than Life”, featuring the vocals of Lauren Babic of Red Handed Denial.

As an instrumental band, we rely on our music to convey our stories. Our sophomore release “The Infernal Machine” is a concept record that chronicles a futuristic society’s dependence on technology and artificial intelligence, and the ensuing conflict between man and machine. The creation of this EP saw us venture further into experimental territory, incorporating unconventional instrumentation such as violin, choir, and tabla into sound.

Earth’s Yellow Sun was initially conceived in 2014, while we were attending Humber College’s music program. After bonding over our mutual interest in heavy progressive music, and our shared desire to write innovative music of our own, we formed a school ensemble where we first toyed with the idea of incorporating saxophones into a metal band. This experiment proved to be a great success, and Earth’s Yellow Sun rose from the ashes of the school ensemble once classes came to an end.

Our unique and eclectic sound allows us to fit into a variety of different concert bills. Since our live debut in 2015, we have been fortunate enough to share the stage with several notable acts, including Between the Buried and Me, Protest the Hero, Intervals, Intronaut, Plini, Thank You Scientist, Moon Tooth, Auras, and Red Handed Denial. We greatly look forward to returning to the stage as soon as we can, bigger and better than ever.

– 30 –


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For fans of Silverstein, Billy Talent, Alexisonfire, A Day to Remember, Taking Back Sunday

Canada’s T-Rex Marathon Confront Abusive Relationships In “A Prison Just For Us”

Premiere Single via IdiotEQ

“Days Without Incident” Out October 16, 2020

L-R- Alex Hodges (guitar, vocals), Jeremy Toppings (bass, vocals), Darien Swolfs (drums), Adam Sakauye (lead vocals) and Aaron Stafford (guitar, vocals)

Ottawa’s punk/post-hardcore act T-Rex Marathon are releasing their second single “A Prison Just For Us” off their upcoming album “Days Without Incident”. This is the next installment in the band’s discography which already boasts a handful of singles and 2 EPs.

T-Rex Marathon is out to prove they aren’t a one-trick pony with their first full length which serves as a collection of everything they have been, will be, and currently are. The listening experience is a mix of nostalgia, reminiscent of the bands of their youth that they still love, and also intrigue. They have a goal of helping their fans reconcile their love of old bands and a glimpse of several other musical directions to explore, ultimately giving them a safe space to do so.

In this single, the band flaunts their love of Alexisonfire and it shines prominently throughout the song. The band shares their thoughts on the single:

“The structure and feel pay homage to AoF’s track “Accidents” and if it were to be described in one word, it would be ‘atmosphere’. It’s the kind of song that with each listens, you’ll find something new but it’s still kept catchy with a great chorus that’s easy to sing along to. It’s a song where we make use of interesting production techniques and slightly improvisational guitar parts as well as giving it a lot of breathing room live to stretch out and interact with the crowd.”

The lyrics for the song center around the confining nature of abusive relationships. The speaker laments how their partner has stripped them of their autonomy and turned them into a cartoonish fantasy, instead of a legitimate relationship. It’s a protest song for a failed relationship.

Heavy themes contrasted with light and poppy melodies are the name of the game for T-Rex Marathon and they can be enjoyed via the premiere of “A Prison Just For Us” on IdiotEQ HERE.

For fans of Billy Talent, Alexisonfire, and A Day to Remember, the full release of “Days Without Incident” is out on October 16, 2020.
Album pre-order at

Track Listing:
1. All For Nothing (2:56)
2. No Words (4:56)
3. Faux News (3:05)
4. A Prison Just For Us (4:08)
5. Turnpike (4:06)
6. Pick Your Poison (4:58)
7. Misfits (4:24)
8. Sheltered (4:01)
9. Futures and Goodbyes (4:32)
10. 5 Centimeters Per Second (5:58)
Album Length: 43:09

Album Credits:
• All songs performed by: T-Rex Marathon
• All songs written by: T-Rex Marathon
• Produced by: T-Rex Marathon and Mike Bond
• Mixed by: Mike Bond
• Mastered by: Mike Bond
• Album Artwork by: Jeremy Toppings
• Member of SOCAN
• Canadian Content (MAPL)

Album and Live Band Line Up:
Aaron Stafford – Guitar/Bass/Keys/Vocals
Adam Sakauye – Lead Vocals
Alex Hodges – Guitar/Bass/KeysVocals
Darien Swolfs – Drums/Percussion
Jeremy Toppings – Bass/Vocals

For more info:


Starting out on the Ottawa metal/hardcore scene, T-Rex Marathon has adopted a unique sound that comes from a mix of Alternative Rock, Punk, and Post-Hardcore.

Formed by friends in high school, the band began to really take shape almost by accident and through dumb luck. The current lineup consists of Aaron Stafford (guitar/bass/keys/vocals), Adam Sakauye (lead vocals), Alex Hodges (guitar/bass/keys/vocals), Darien Swolfs (drums/percussion), and Jeremy Toppings (bass/vocals).

In a fiercely democratic writing process, every single member has input and a veto, sometimes resulting in a very long but completely organic process resulting in a synthesis of something everyone is happy with. As the band progresses, so does the love and attention that is put into each and everything they produce. The T-Rex Marathon family is and has always been, dedicated to making kick-ass music and leaving a mark in the industry, not only for them, but for their fans.

The boys in T-Rex, as the band is called for short, endlessly value their dedicated fans, affectionately known as Marathoners. After all, it is for them that they continue to write about what they want and play what feels right. T-Rex Marathon’s music is a simple blend of attack and melody that has the main goal of being not only fun to play, but fun to listen and rock out to.

The stage is a performing area, and this band refuses to give anything but their all at every show. They have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with bands such as: Of Burning Empires, Flesh Over Faith, Faithful Unto Death, and Project Mantra. They have also played Wretched Fest 1&3, Unite and Ignite 2012, 2014.

To date, the band has released 2 EPs Aurelia (2017), Eponymous (2016), and are readying to share with fans their first full length ” Days Without Incident ” due out October 16th, 2020.

– 30 –

“Each band member draws in a different musical influence, from Alexisonfire (post-hardcore) to Blink-182 (pop-punk), to even Coheed and Cambria (progressive rock), creating a sound that is impossible to be kept in a box.” – Asha Swann

“For fans of hardcore, punk and just good rock n roll, people from all over the spectrum should get on this!” – Punkanormal Activity

Jon Asher – Music Publicist
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Helion Prime Signs To Ward Records For Japan Release of New Album “Question Everything”

New Album “Question Everything” Out October 5th (North America), October 28th (Japan)

L-R – Alex Bosson – Drums, Mary Zimmer – Vocals, Jason Ashcraft – Guitar, Chad Anderson – Guitar, Jeremy Steinhouse – Bass
Photo Credit: Casey Frederick

Helion Prime has signed with Ward Records for the Japanese release of their forthcoming album “Question Everything” on October 28th. The Japanese CD version will feature two exclusive bonus tracks “Prof (Demo)” and “Rain (Trivium Cover)” (track listing below) and is available for pre-order HERE. The North American/EU sales date is October 5th via the band’s label Saibot Reigns and available for pre-order at

The band comments on the signing to Ward Records:

“We are so stoked to announce we have signed a deal with Ward Records marking our first ever Japanese release. They are one of the most well known and reputable labels in Asia and it’s an honor to have Helion Prime in Asia on the same label as bands such as Judas Priest, Deep Purple, Opeth, Nightwish, Sabaton, Unleash The Archers, and much more. Until then, we hope you check out the new album when it’s out in October.”

Track Listing:
1. The Final Theory
2. Madame Mercury
3. Prof
4. The Gadfly
5. Photo 51
6. E Pur Si Muove
7. Words of The Abbot ft. guest vocals John Yelland (Judicator, Dire Peril)
8. The Forbidden Zone
9. Question Everything ft. Heather Michele (ex-Graveshadow, ex-Helion Prime) and Sozos Michael (ex-Helion Prime, Planeswalker)
10. Reawakening
11. Kong at the Gates (Misfits Cover)
– Japanese Edition Limited Bonus Tracks –
12. Prof (Demo)
13. Rain (Trivium Cover)

It’s been about two years since the band’s sophomore release “Terror of the Cybernetic Space Monster” and Sacramento sci-fi power metallers Helion Prime returns with their third effort and the much shorter title “Question Everything” set for release on Monday, October 5th, 2020 via their label Saibot Reigns.  This is Helion Prime‘s first album with new vocalist Mary Zimmer, who has also accompanied the band on two separate tours of the United States. It also sees the band’s original singer, Heather Michele, returning in a writing capacity and contributing all lyrics and melodies. Heather Michele also along with other former Helion Prime vocalist Sozos Michael and with John Yelland (Judicator/Dire Peril) add their guest vocals on the full length.

The highly anticipated third record is a concept album, with each song revolving around different figures throughout human history that had the courage to question the status quo of their respective worlds/societies, in some cases even dealing with harsh persecution as a result. Those Helion Prime chose to write about-faced prejudice, mockery, ex-communication, and persecution – yet through it all, they held true to their beliefs and ideas. Time would be their greatest ally as their ideas and identities were eventually validated, oftentimes not until after their passing. They serve as an inspiration for all minds to continue thinking outside the box and staying true to themselves.

Jason speaks on the album itself:

“This album has truly been amazing to work on. The idea behind it is something I’ve been holding on to since around the time I started the band. Aside from writing some of what I consider to be Prime’s best work it was a great experience getting to work with Heather again on an album as she once again contributed her talents for the lyrics.”

“Question Everything” was produced by Jason Ashcraft and Alex Nasla. Mixing was done by Chris Collier and mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima along with additional mixing/drum edits/reamping plus writing and performance of keyboard arrangements by Alex Nasla of Gear Gods Studio. Guitar/Bass edits by Michael Goodrich and cover art by Marc Whisnant.

Previous singles:
“The Forbidden Zone” YouTube (Lyric Video)Spotify.
“Madame Mercury” Youtube (Lyric Video), Spotify.
“Gadfly” YouTube (Music Video)

Helion Prime is:
Mary Zimmer – Vocals
Jason Ashcraft – Rhythm Guitars
Chad Anderson – Lead Guitars
Jeremy Steinhouse – Bass
Alex Bosson – Drums

For more info:

– 30 –


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For fans of Clutch, Queens of The Stone Age, KYUSS, Volbeat, Foo Fighters

Montreal Heavy Rockers PARADISE’s New Music Video Question’s Identity In World Chaos “Who Do You Wanna Be”

New Self-Titled Album Out Now! via Vega Musique

L-R – Fred Crew Grr (Guitar), Matt Hias (Drums), Fred Kelly (Bass), R.L. Black (Vocals), Frank Kelly ( Lead Guitar)
Photo Credit – R.L.Black

Like many musicians and bands, members of Montreal’s heavy stoner rockers Paradise are citizens of the globe. They have been observing life with the Covid 19 pandemic along with social and political unrest in various parts of the world. In an artistic commentary, the band has taken their track “Who Do You Wanna Be” off their latest self-titled album and created a new music video questioning our identity during global uncertainty.

The band comments:

” We’ve always been about partying and rock and roll, but there comes a time when you have to ask yourself: WTF am I doing, and how did we get here. This video suggests that it is time to take a good long look in the mirror.”

Watch “Who Do You Wanna Be” on SpaceUntravel’s YouTube Channel HERE.

Back in the summer of 2002, co-founders and fellow guitar players, Frank Kelly and Jet Phil recruited good friends Mike Plant (Sword) and drum god Michel “Away” Langevin (Voivod) to release Paradises 1st album “Rock Anthropologists on the Kon Tiki Voyage”. Summer of 2004, the usual suspects were rounded-up including a collaboration of Voivod’s late but great Denis “Piggy” D’Amour to work on Paradise’s follow-up record “Hotel”. Now in 2020, composed of Frank Kelly (guitars), Fred Kelly (bass), RL Black (vocals), Fred Crew Grrr (guitars) and Mat Hias (drums), Paradise, like a phoenix that is reborn from its ashes, have released a new eponymous album that sways on the line between hard stoner rock and pure heavy metal that was mixed and mastered by Kevin Jardine of  Slaves On Dope. From the opening piece and future classic “Straight From Hell” to the album closer “Free in Exile”, Paradise delivers an album where the balance between catchy riffs, attitude, intensity, and melodies is perfect.

Paradise‘s self-titled album is available for stream and download on SpotifyBandcamp, and Apple Music.

Music Video “Straight From Hell” YouTube
Music Video “Hitting On All Sixes” YouTube
“Away From You” (Quarantine Van Video) YouTube
“One of A Kind” (Quarantine Van Video) YouTube

Track Listing:
1. Straight From Hell (3:37)
2. Hitting On All Sixes (3:53)
3. Who Do You Wanna Be (3:35)
4. One Of A Kind (4:34)
5. Never Cry Again (3:33)
6. Low Down And Shaking (4:59)
7. Barn Burner (3:37)
8. Long Gone (2:54)
9. Away From You (3:30)
10. Free In Exile (4:03)
Album Length: 38:20

Album and Live Band Line Up:
Fred Crew Grr – Guitar
Fred Kelly – Bass
R.L. Black – Vocals
Matt Hias – Drums
Frank Kelly – Lead Guitar

For more info:

– 30 –

“Fans of melodic heavy rock, there’s a new sheriff in town!” – Jano Lapin
“Solid, driving Hard Rock from the quagmires of Quebec!” – Reek Of STOOM
“Brilliant from start to finish !” – Stoner Rock Army
“A record that growls like a hungry beast” – ARP Média

“The synergy of this quintet gives the listener a proper kick in the ass needed to remember why we fell in love with the format. They also lend proof as to why heavy metal is the cornerstone of the myriad of hard rock subgenres. Blistering guitar riffs, thundering drums, and of course ample swipes at stuffy establishment rules.” – Boston Rock Radio“The album opens with “Straight From Hell” and it is an adrenaline high. It is an unmistakable straight forward rock construction of verse-bridge-chorus, repeat, repeat, and the dial is set on stadium anthem. RL Black’s vocals are about as rock and roll as you can get – strong clean singing with a gruff edge. The lead breaks are short to fit in with the song structure, and they are pretty metal. I like the brand they have going here. It is great driving music, great drinking music. I would be stoked to see Paradise on the list of bands at a festival because you can just feel from these songs that they are going to put on a good show on stage.”  – Flying Fiddlesticks Music Blog

Jon Asher – Music Publicist
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