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Dino Danelli nous a quittés RIP

Dino Danelli Dino Danelli (July 23, 1944 – December 15, 2022) was an American drummer. Danelli was best known as an original member and the drummer in the rock group The Young Rascals. He has been called...


JOHN TURNER Drummer nous a quittés

JOHN TURNER Drummer, not to be confused with blues rock drummer “Uncle” John Turner. Died 59 years old from stomach cancer on Dec 10, 2022 Sites: In Groups: Mickey Ratt, Ratt Variations: Viewing All | John Turner...


GEORGE DAVIDSON nous a quittés RIP

GEORGE DAVIDSON Drummer & jazz master George Davidson grew up in Detroit and started his musical career tap dancing at the tender age of eight. In high school, he was fortunate enough to continue...


Salah Khaïli Nouvel album Rock Da House

Salah Khaïli   Salah Khaïli Nouvel album Rock Da House Disponible chez Salah Khaïli Music Le batteur Salah Khaïli a sorti l’hiver dernier l’album Rock Da House, un disque de rock intemporel sur lequel brille son jeu...

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