Kenny Blues Boss Wayne

Kenny Blues Boss Wayne

Hey Blues Friends,
Here’s just a note to let you know that my new CD “Inspired By The Blues” on Stony Plain Records will be released September 28th. There will be a digital single release on August 31st and that song will be “Start Rockin” and it rocks! This classic sounding CD will feature a song written in memory of Fats Domino, called “Mr. Blueberry Hill” and a cover of Ray Charles’ “Georgia on my mind” as a bonus track. My first release event will be at the Blues Can in Calgary, Alberta on October 19th and 20th. Stop by a pickup a copy, I know that you’ll love it!

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Photo Jean Paul ” Guerrier “Bellanger

kenny blues wayne










Kenny Blues Boss Wayne
Russian Tour 2015
( feat.Jose Luis Pardo)
Oct.22- Tomsk(Siberia)
Oct.23- Novosibirsk( Siberia)
Oct.24- Academgorodok(Siberia)
Oct.25- Barnaul(Siberia)
Oct.28- Moscow(A.Kozlov club)
Oct.29- Nyzhny Novgorod
Oct.30- Moscow(Bb king)
Oct.31- tba
Nov.1- Riga( Latvia)
Nov.4- Erevan( Armenia)
Nov.6- Kazan
Nov.7- Ulyanovsk
Nov.8- Saratov

Photo de Eugene Kolbashev.

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