The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Trouble Is 25th Anniversary Concert is coming to Bataclan on April 26th. This tour has been selling out – get your tickets NOW!


The Straight To You LIVE Tour – Check for dates in your area and grab your tickets here Share and spread the news!
8.14.21 Winter Park CO
8.20.21 Lowell MA
8.21.21 Hampton Beach NH
8.30.21 Bloomington IN
8.31.21 Kettering/Dayton OH
9.1.21 Fort Wayne IN
9.4.21 Biloxi MS
9.16.21 Orlando FL
9.18.21 Marksville LA

“Hit ‘Em Back” was written at the urging of Shemekia Copeland who asked her manager/lyricist John Hahn to write a song to address divisiveness and anger within the greater blues community. She reached out to Kenny asking if he would write music for the lyrics and join her to record the song. Kenny, came up with the music, demo’d it, and sent it to Shemekia who just days later met them in a Nashville studio along with Robert Randolph and Tony Coleman


In a time when going to see live music is impossible, you can still have the live concert experience at your home.
Straight To You Live is the band’s first live concert video, being released on CD+DVD, CD+Blu-ray, 3LP and digitally November 27.
Here’s the video for Diamonds and Gold from that release.
Watch the full video, pre-order or stream here:




MER., 6 NOV. À 19:30




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